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Because I think Westbrook can become a better PG than he is now, and I think he is a very good PG now.

I also expect Ibaka to become a better player also, and possibly play some SF.

Also, unless Dwight is a done deal, can't imagine why Deron or Paul would want to be Nets.

And Westbrook and Ibaka are, I believe, younger than Deron and Paul.

And there is also the question of whether Paul can continue to play at a superior level, due to health issues.

Nets have a lot of holes to fill.
Westbrook certainly does have a lot of potential. He is only 22.

Ibaka is even younger, but he doesn't really play SF. Still, he would certainly be a nice addition.

Getting Dwight isn't the only way to make Deron stay, however it is the surest option.

Yes, about 4 years younger.

Paul is a beast. I don't think his injuries are bad enough to take him out of the elite pg category. I'd definitely take Paul over Westbrook now, but Westbrook would be a very nice as well.

The nets have a lot of holes to fill, but they have the resources to fill those holes. They just need to use those resources wisely.