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    Sabres to get Robyn Regehr

    Robyn Regehr is deciding whether or not to come to Buffalo. Rumor has it that he has been on the telephone with Toni Lydman and Rhett Warrner all night and day and that they are both saying nothing but good things about Buffalo. Rhett Warrner went as far as telling Regehr that he has met the new owner personally and that he is going to be the best owner in the NHL.

    Nobody knows for sure who the Sabres are willing to give up, but a lot of Rumors have been reported. One report says Luke Adam for Regehr, but the Sabres will be getting Matt Stajan or Ales Kotalik as well to help clear up cap room for Calgary. If thats true, Kotalik will be bought out immediately. If its Stajan, he has a terrible contract with two years left and a big cap hit, therefore, he will definetly play in Rochester for the remainder of that contract.

    Another rumor is Tyler Ennis going to Calgary. Darcy does not want another season with Gerbe and Ennis on the same team, being that they give away way to much size for the two lines they are on. Gerbe proved tougher in the playoffs then Ennis. There were plenty of times Ennis was hit and fell down or fell off the puck and there were times Gerbe got hit, but stood up and hit right back.

    The deal I hope that is not true is Buffalo giving up their first pick in this years draft as well as Adam and Mcnabb. That will be a bad move on our part.

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    I really like this move. Hopefully we get back into contention with a couple more moves.

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