I wanted to create a thread about books that you all are reading or getting ready to read. I would like to avoid comments like "that guy is a partisan hack" about the books. If you find a book by Sean Hannity interesting and are reading it thats fine, if you want to post a book by an ultra progressive that too is fine and i hope we wouldnt attack that.

Currently i am reading Treasure Islands (not to be mistaken with Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson's masterpiece). It is about tax havens and how they are making political leaders less accountable (both in the US and in 3rd world countries).

Next on my list is a book about Ronald Reagan, i cannot remember the title at the moment, but it is praised by an editor at the WSJ and one of Reagan's AG's. Basically it is a positive impression. I hope it will be interesting because i think we have a flawed analysis of Ronald Reagan today and we attribute policies to him that he never endorsed and ignore policies that he did endorse.

Also i ordered a book from Border's online titled "Unequal Protection". It focuses on how corporations they have become "people". It is written by a liberal radio host Thom Hartmann.

So what are you guys reading. Im going to sticky this thread because i think that it will be very informative for us to keep up with what we read. Hopefully some of you guys will be inspired to read more as i try to do to myself. I intended to make this thread months ago when i read Confessions of an Economic Hitman that GGGGG mailed me. But i never did it, so im doing it now.