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    Jagrís camp has been in contact in contact with caps

    ēWill DePaoli of Inside Pittsburgh Sports: Jagrís camp has reportedly been in contact with the Capitals and Rangers. The Penguins are not interested at this time.
    stay away McPhee. Unless he is willing to play real cheap

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    This report has been denied by Washington. He isn't coming here for any price.

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    ^ Good. Jagr can stay far far away.

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    I think you all are judging it on how he played here, which I agree was bad, but after he left he was still a quality player, and if he does come cheap it wouldn't hurt to have another veteran around who has won a cup. I think the Caps were like the Skins back then and thought bying high priced veterans would win cups. I think he could have a Federov type of affect, just my opinion. If they sign him cheap and it doesn't work, then dump him

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