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    NCAA places Georgia Tech on probation

    The NCAA's Committee on Infractions has placed Georgia Tech on four years' probation, vacated its 2009 ACC football championship game victory and placed limits on men's basketball scholarships after citing the school with rules violations, including failure to cooperate with its investigation.

    "According to the committee, the university's failure to cooperate and meet the obligations of membership compounded the seriousness of the case by adding onto what was originally an isolated instance of impermissible benefits and preferential treatment," the NCAA said in a prepared statement.

    The probation runs from Thursday through July 13, 2015.

    The NCAA said Georgia Tech "failed to cooperate and protect the integrity of the investigation" when staff members alerted a member of the football team of the scope of his upcoming interview, despite instructions from NCAA enforcement officials not to do so.

    In another case, a football player who accepted $312 worth of clothing from a sports agency employee was allowed to play in the final three games of the 2009 season, including the ACC championship game and a BCS bowl game, the NCAA said. The ACC victory gave Georgia Tech its first BCS bowl berth (the school was ordered to vacate all wins after Nov. 24, 2009, but of the three games affected, its win over Clemson was the only victory).

    "It appeared to the committee that the institution attempted to manipulate the information surrounding potential violations involving (the student-athlete) so there would be enough doubt about its validity to justify the decision not to declare him ineligible," the Committee on Infractions said, according to the NCAA.

    The penalties include the school being limited to 10 official recruiting visits in men's basketball for 2011-12 and 2012-13, and a fine of $100,000.

    The sanctions also included a previously self-imposed penalty, in which Georgia Tech cut two days from its 2011 summer recruiting calendar for men's basketball.

    That Stings
    The NCAA Committee on Infractions has hit Georgia Tech with penalties connected to its football and men's basketball program after citing the school with failure to cooperate with its investigation and other violations. The penalties include:

    Four years' probation (July 14, 2011 through July 13, 2015).
    Reduction in official men's basketball recruiting visits for 2011-12 and 2012-13.
    $100,000 fine.
    Vacating 2009 ACC championship game victory.
    Reduction in recruiting days for 2011 summer evaluation period. *
    Public reprimand and censure.
    * -- Self-imposed penalty

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    Wow, this came out of nowhere.

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    The player who accepted the $312 worth is Demaryius Thomas from what ESPN said. Although he's denying it.

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    Why declare one of your best players ineligible when you can play him, win the game, make the money for going to the Orange Bowl, then have it wiped clean two years later? I always thought Paul Johnson was a douche, this just confirms it for me.

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