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    Francisco Elson (Signs with Bulls - 1 Year Vets Minimum)

    Hello Mr. Elson this is the Trailblazers and we would like to sign you to be our backup center for about 10 minutes a game. The most we can offer right now is a two year deal worth 1.4 million from our MLE with an 8% increase for next year with a player option as well.

    Year 1:1.4 million
    Year 2: 1.512 million(player option)

    We feel this puts you on a contender with an opportunity to get some major minutes. Thank you for your time.
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    Jul 2010
    sorry Mr. Elson but we are going to have to withdraw our offer.

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    Mr. Elson,

    The Bulls offer you the Vet Min for 1 year to be a part of a championship contender. Hope to see you here in Chicago. Thanks for your time.

    - Chicago Bulls FO

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    Elson signs a one year deal with the Bulls.

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