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Klemm's a helluva recruiter, its a dirty game he's not the only one who's spreading rumors as along as he is not involving improper benefits its all good. Best oline class so far with- Morris, Lacy, Benenoch, Redmond, Lopez, Quessenberry and Moala not sure if we will keep all but that's 4star/3 star recruits.

Vanderdoes now has Bama listed in his final 5.
I agree that he is a good recruiter, but I get tired of how some coaches like Klemm and Lupoi manage to get recruits. I guess if you can't sell your program relative to another then it is easier to sling mud. There's nothing illegal about it, and I'm sure Oregon does some of it, but you don't hear about Oregon negative-recruiting as much as other programs. Just take the Arik Armstead recruitment as an example of how we typically pitch our program.