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    Avenged Sevenfold:The Stage

    A terrific album of new music by the band with their new drummer who reminds me a lot of Rev and his style of playing.....

    One particular song Fermi Paradox has everything you want in a Avenged Sevenfold song...

    Shadows signing the very melodic chorus and the drum parts take you back to Rev and his songs......This song really makes you miss Rev because they sound so similar in so many parts during the chorus....

    And Gates has 2 terrific solos that are on par with a Comfortably Numb solo from Pink Floyd, it has that feel.....Both solos are very melodic and builds with each layer....@and the song ends with a Gates solo that fades out beautifully.....

    My 2 favorite songs are obviously Paradox and The lead song The Stage.....

    This new material is so different from HTK as they took chances....

    Great music!
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    My Top Avenged Sevenfold songs

    Unholy Confessions
    Chapter Four
    Second Heartbeat
    Eternal Rest
    Bat Country
    Beast and Harlot
    Critical Acclaim
    Almost Easy
    Buried Alive
    Shepard of Fire
    Hail to the King
    The Stage
    Fermi Paradox
    To End the Rapture


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