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    PLEASE READ: Request tip

    When you guys take the sigs from people who have made them, PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE don't use the PSD Uploader to upload them, it ruins the quality of the signature. It looks better if you just use tags. What you do is:

    1. Go to the picture of the signature, right click the picture.

    2. Click "Copy Image Location".

    3. Go to "Edit Signature" on PSD.

    4. Hit the image tag button (yellow button with a mountain and moon)

    5. Paste into the box, and there you go.

    It makes a difference,, the PSD Uploader ruins the quality of the sigs, and they would look a bit better if you used image tags. Thank you.


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    ^ Agreed most people have no idea and when you tell them there still lost. Good thing you posted this hopefully people actually read this

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    ^ and YOUR'E a joke when it comes to spelling/grammar
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