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    Another Lockout is Possible

    This won't effect next season but the following year looks as if it might be in peril. The writer paints a grim picture of the current state of the NHL. A lot of franchises are not doing so well.

    Another lockout. Oh yeah.

    Unthinkable? They’d never do that again? Think again. Hockey fans surely swallowed their pride and came back after the 2004-05 season was erased from the record books, quickly forgetting their promises to never support the league that had betrayed them.

    Don’t think the NHL didn’t notice.

    The league didn’t get its “idiot-proof” CBA; therefore, it must try again.

    Start with a request for another 24 per cent salary rollback. Think about chopping the cap back to, oh, $45 million. How about reducing the players’ share of hockey-related revenue to less than 50 per cent from 56 per cent, slashing the maximum salary from 20 per cent of the cap to 15 per cent, making a five-year term the maximum and taking a run at guaranteed contracts.

    Now think about how Don Fehr will react to all of that.

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    Well certainly not the news I wanted to hear but I am still confident they can work something out between now and then, it is a pretty long time. If the cap were to go down as drastically as they say it will, does that mean that player salaries will go down in proportion to the cap decrease? If not, having two players signed for $17.4 mil, more than 1/3 of the total cap is going to kill us. We will simply have to trade Malkin, there is not other way

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    I don't think the salaries would go down the proportionate amount but they would be subject to a rollback (which in this theoretical case are basically the same). This writer states 24% so those two salaries combined would decrease to apx 13.2 million in this instance. Like you said a long ways away so nothing to worry about yet. Only reason I even posted it was because this board is dead now with the Pens not playing.

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    start working on it now

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