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    Can/will they take game 7

    Going back to my post on the very first game, I have the same concerns going into game 7 tomorrow. They're getting out shot, and it's not just by a little. Can the Sabres take this game on the road? Can they get a handle defensively on Phily for just one more game to move on? I sure hope so, but am not sure.

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    I think they can, and I think they will. My doubts with this team, are when they have a big lead. They seem to sit back and play real passive, which I hate and which this team sucks at. Don't take your foot off the gas, at all. If it is a low scoring, and close game, it could and likely will go either way. Roy and Hecht are supposed to be back tonight, and Roy has said that he will do nothing but give more than he has in the tank. Hoping for the win tonight, and I think the Sabres, although outmatched at times in the series, definitely have a chance to win the game. Can't wait for it.

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