Said Connor: "It's going to be a disappointment to the Westgate City Center. And their arena in Winnipeg is nothing compared to what we have here. Plus, they don't have the stability, the housing or the population that we have.""

who the **** is this Connor person?? We in Winnipeg don't have the housing or population pheonix has?? Winnipeg is currently one of the fastest growing cities in Canada AND we don't need the population Phoenix has to fill our arena.. if you guys have such a huge population why cant you have more than 500 fans in your building for games?? It's pathetic seeing such an arena so empty during hockey games. And those 500 fans are fans from the opposing team your playing that night!! We in Winnipeg sell out our Moose games in the AHL and that's only the AHL... So you can eat **** my friend!!