That kid Dustin is a ****ing *** for getting salty over a girl he knew for a ****ing few days. Dude get the **** over it she ain't your lady and she is able to do what the **** she want.

I kind find it funny NOONE NOT A ****ING person mentions Mike not wanting to do it for the sake of his "boy" and Heather pretty much laid it on him. Their is no principal to that matter period and he is acting like a *****. I guess I am from a different spectrum of the world when it comes to matters like this. I would never get mad at one of my guys over a **** truth or dare game let alone a girl acting on it herself.

Side note listen very hard to Mike Mike he sounds allot like the guy from the Warriors that clanks the bottles together at the end.

Adam is fun to the show but, it is obvious what is going to be the outcome with him. Heather is kind of cute but, I would not fall in love with that girl especially in Vegas where at least in my previous experience their is a ****ing **** ton of beautiful women out their. Add to that you are on the ****ing real world and can pretty much smash anything you want too cause of the cameras.

Leroy you can tell is a little more on the I am lucky to be here and am going to smash as many hoes as possible. Nany or whatever is obviously attractive but, very ****ing stupid.

Now I know I am missing someone but, she is that ****ing irrelevant at this point she doesn't really deserve a mention she might as well be holding a ****ing boom stick for the rest of the cast.