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    Russell Westbrook

    Whats happening to this guy? He's cost the thunder two straight games. Obviously his track record is great so theres no need to panic just yet, but the shots he takes are absolutely atrocious, and he gives the ball away. He cost the team the spurs game and tonights ATL game. Thoughts? Seems like Harden was more important to this teams offense than anybody game him credit for.

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    everybody know that russ is a no-brainer.
    he's not a pg, not capable of finding the right guy on the right night when he's struggling.
    we have ton of example of that. when he was rookie, people said "he's a rookie". after it was "he'll become better" etc... the fact is he can be deadly some nights, he's a freak for some match up but he wants to be the superstar ! he wants to bring light on him.
    as said above, you have lot of example of game during which he never stopped shooting. Again last night, you have an "on-fire" shooter with your team, which is 6-8 from 3...and russ take an ugly 3 in order to come back ? that's just silly.
    And for this, do not tell me "ok, it's game 3"... it has always been like that with Russ, and this will never change.

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    ^ what he said. I would be willing to bet he would pull the same crap if a Michael Jordan in his prime were with us, that is right up until the moment Jordan ripped his head off and **** down his neck! Speaking of said "head ripping", wouldn't today's practice be a good time for Perk to stand him on his ear doing one of those crazy drives into traffic and when he blows up about it to get some nose to nose time and explain what kind of a greasy spot he would be in the locker room if he pulled another stunt like he did last night? It wouldn't hurt if there were 13 other guys standing right beside him including the $85 million man who is averaging about 15 points a game.

    If You See Westbrook Wrestling a Grizzlie.... pity the bear....

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    Durant was trying a little too hard to stat pad a triple double. Played with fire and got burned

    He may want that mvp award this season

    Go hard in the regular season, take a breather in the playoffs!

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    Doesn't anyone remember Westbrook's start last season? It was even worse than this. He'll be more than fine.

    Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Colin Kaepernick walk into a bar... To watch Russell Wilson win the Super Bowl.

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