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    Lapierre French interview - translated

    (CKAC Sports) - After wearing the same uniform for five years, Maxim Lapierre change of address for the second time in two months .... And he will not complain.
    Traded to the Anaheim Ducks on December 31 this year, Quebecers will now continue his career with the Vancouver Canucks. He will find one of his former coaches, but also a former teammate.

    "It's a good change and a good team," he told CKAC Sports few minutes after hearing the news. I found Alain (Vigneault) who directed me in junior and I found (Chris) Higgins, then that's good news today. "

    Although he played only 21 games in Anaheim, the striker 25 has hinted that he would never become a player happy in California.

    "My style is based on emotion, and here it's different (Anaheim). Supporters do not care a bit, this is not the same atmosphere as in Canada. It's a good thing for me to go to Vancouver. I need this for my energy. "

    In 59 games this season, the agitator has collected only 11 points. It is the first to admit, he knows quite a disappointing season.

    "In my head I think it could start my career," chanted a Maxim Lapierre positive. It does not go as well as I would like, it will not hurt either, but the style of team and coach who could revive me. "

    If Vancouver is an attractive destination, his place in the starting lineup is far from assured. The good news in his case is that the Canucks have just demote Cody Hodgson - their first choice in 2008 - since it did not work on the fourth unit. Lapierre knows that nothing will be easy, but he thinks it's fair game.

    "It's a good challenge, it keeps the players honest and good in-house competition is good for the team. "

    In addition to having to "endure" Alex Burrows, teams now face the Canucks may have to also deal with the "tiring" Maxim Lapierre.

    “Maybe one of these days I won't fail ” - Clayton Kershaw following Dodgers World Series loss

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueJayFanDan View Post
    That has nothing to do with it. My concerns are can they be enough to put us over the top as a cup contender. I still think we have a huge hole on that 2nd line that Higgins cant fill and we would have better off getting a better player.
    Idk what the problem is. Were #1 in the west we got bieska and edler out, if we wanted to get somebody good we wouldve had to give up our top tier prospects or somebody out of the line up which would **** the chemisty up. Instead we added pieces that we needed really bad tbh. Raymond knows he needs to show up or higgins is replacing him on the 2nd line which I know you hate him but you never know what can happen with players like him. Look at players you thought we're no good or done and they all of a sudden playing the best hockey of their careers ex. sammuelson, not saying ppl didn't expect him to do good but I thought he wouldve been on the 3rd line and chipped in every once in awhile. You just never know, higgins is 27 and has been inj past couple seasons but with kesler and sammuleson he has a chance to redeem himself and if not he's a scratch or plays 4 th line w.e. And there's no guranteed he'll play on the 2nd line it depends on how raymond plays which I think is fair. Also gives us more depth incase someone goes out...

    And maxim is a perfect fit. I'm really glad we got him cause like you guys said he can do the talking not our "good players", plus he can heat up and chip in too. He's going to be really good for the playoffs and its better then having some rookie play.
    Cause Day N Nite...

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