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    Hiding Details of Dubious Deal, U.S. Invokes National Security

    WASHINGTON — For eight years, government officials turned to Dennis Montgomery, a California computer programmer, for eye-popping technology that he said could catch terrorists. Now, federal officials want nothing to do with him and are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that his dealings with Washington stay secret.

    The Justice Department, which in the last few months has gotten protective orders from two federal judges keeping details of the technology out of court, says it is guarding state secrets that would threaten national security if disclosed. But others involved in the case say that what the government is trying to avoid is public embarrassment over evidence that Mr. Montgomery bamboozled federal officials.

    A onetime biomedical technician with a penchant for gambling, Mr. Montgomery is at the center of a tale that features terrorism scares, secret White House briefings, backing from prominent Republicans, backdoor deal-making and fantastic-sounding computer technology.

    I dont post this because the article refers to Republicans, i post this because it irritates me when we trade away our freedoms, specifically in reference to 9/11 and terrorism. I keep coming back to Rahm's quote that he constantly gets attacked for about not wasting a crisis by people on the other side who think that it is only a liberal/democrat issue because he is the one who said it but 9/11 was a massive power grab on a scale like nothing we have ever seen before.
    Think long and hard about why you respond to nonsense. Please!

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    This guy was a con man who preyed on the hysteria about terrorism. That makes him one member of a very large crowd.
    1 Kings 11:3: “He (Solomon) had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray.” -- Biblical marriage. One man, seven hundred women.

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