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    Quote Originally Posted by gcoll View Post
    Not gonna lie, I had to google "pugnacious". Good word.

    It is my understanding that Walker had endorsements from a few of those unions. But two of the bigger unions in that field endorsed his opponent.

    I'm not sure how those unions tend to vote. I always thought they went for Democrats like other unions.

    Why would they be exempted apart from bias? Because they're firefighters and policeman. They tend to get more respect. From a purely political standpoint, it's easier to sell this thing if you exempt them. Teachers unions and other state employees are easier opponents.
    Police and fire fighters tend to be conservative. Just who is attracted to the field.
    Here is the question of the day, does anyone think that wealthy people should pay a lower percentage of their income to taxes than middle class people? Don't argue tax brackets, just a simple question. Do you think someone earning 46 million dollars should pay a lower percentage of their income than say someone earning sixty thousand?

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    I am sickened when any person or politician compares another politician to Hitler. You cannot compare the actions of a politician here to a man who killed millions of innocent Jews and political opponents.

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    Pretty interesting to note that since the whole Wisconsin teacher's union debacle, certain media outlets have done a 180 in terms of reporting:

    MSNBC labeled the Tea Party people 'radical right-wingers', while calling the WI protestors "regular folks". They called out crazy Tea Party signs as representative of the majority, but are defending WI protestors' signs("it's only a few folks, not representative of the entire protest").

    FOX News called the Tea Party "regular folks", while labeling the WI protestors 'radical left wingers'...They defended Tea Party signs("it's only a few folks, not representative of the entire protest") but are calling out WI protestors' signs as representative of the majority.

    ...and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

    Certainly the Tea Party and WI protestors have their differences, but the bias is pretty blatant. It would be nice to have mainstream news that isn't partisan propaganda.

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