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Thank you. As far as I'm concerned, our governent needs to be less involved in these things. We already assasinated/supported genocide/funded dictators to put leaders in place in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chile, etc. and then had to go back and remove those leaders because they no longer agreed with our politics. Why waste the time, money and human life on leaders who represent our politics when we're just going to turn around in 10-20 years and remove them if they aren't our puppets?
I'm not saying never talk, but when it comes to Iran, I don't want him too. I didn't and still dont' have a problem with what Bush said, but obviously it made them more hardline. So I just think the best situation right now, is to stay on the sidelines. The attoylha (spelled wrong and autospell won't fix it) said the best thing for the middle east is to get America out of it yesterday. He's blaming the uprising all over on us. Lets not add fuel to the fire, and turn some of the uprising supporters on us.