This has been on my mind pretty much all off season. Im wondering what other fans have to say and am a bit curious as to how they feel/been affected by The Rams moving back to Los Angeles. Good or bad. Feel free to share what's on your mind.

For me, I could not possibly be any more excited for this teams future. I have been a devoted fan of these Rams for over 15+ years now and believe me when I say, I have endured my share of pain & frustration. And regardless of what you may think about Stan, this change to me, imo, was the only way we could possibly steer the ship in the right direction. And I certainly do believe we will greatly benefit moving from Stl to Cali, with a bigger city, more fans and more profit/income to be made.
It really works out in a magnitude of ways. And the timing is convienant considering we already have a top notch defense with #1 pick Jared Goff + Todd Gurley/Tavon Austin and a very young and promising offensive line. So our young core is there. We just need to continue building our foundation. Continue grinding, working hard, etc. And the results will show on GameDay.

Now getting back to the main topic - i honestly want to hear [For the most part] how fans in ST.Louis feel? Are you hurt? Devastated? Will no longer support the Rams? Or do you not care either way? Are you excited? Let it all out!

As for me, I happen to live on the East coast. So its nothing personal for me. I like to think of it as a brand new beginning. A real opportunity for this team to regain relevance and popularity. I honestly do believe the Rams are much better off in LA. And this change will pay off in a big way. We just need to have patience and believe!

Let us know how YOU feel.