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    Will Favre Make the HOF?

    Sure he will. Farve will get in even with the texting scandle. The hof is a joke (similar to John Wayne's oscar for True Grit). Let's look at one that is an insult to us all. Deon gets in. he was known as not wanting to take a hit. Moss will make it, but only plays/played when he was in the mood. L

    Stabler was an party boy and drank too much (seems to be common toay) His stats were tops! He was a great field general. He called his own plays. He won a super bowl. His contemporary, Bradshaw, was put in the hoa. Is it that he was a Raider? How about some justice?? I would take him to any of the new seven in the hoa.

    Ken Stabler deserves to be in. Did you hear that fat John? Your career would have been much different without him. Help him.
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