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    NFL Round Table: Your Team's Biggest Needs Walking Into the Draft

    The NFL Round Table is a group of selected posters who give their opinion on all things NFL. In this edition, these posters talk about team's biggest needs walking into the draft. What's you team's biggest need? Do you agree with this review?

    Quote Originally Posted by ccugrad1 View Post
    AFC East

    1) New England Patriots

    A) Offensive Guard/Tackle—Stephen Neal retired earlier this off-season and Logan Mankins is still upset about getting the franchise tag and seemingly wants a long term deal that the Patriots aren’t seemingly up to doing right now. Couple that with Matt Light, who is a free agent in his own right, turning 33 in June, and the offensive line is very much in need for the Patriots. Do not be surprised at all if one of their two first round picks—if both are kept of course—is an offensive lineman.

    B) Defensive End—Ty Warren is coming off an injury, Gerard Warren is a free agent, and depth is somewhat of a problem. About the only definite on the Pats d-line this year is NT Vince Wilfork. Adding a young, stud defensive lineman to the team is another big need for the Patriots.

    C) Cornerback—Leigh Bodden is coming off a season-ending injury and you have to wonder if he can come back. Devin McCourty will lock down one side, but the Patriots don’t know for sure who can solidify what is right now a revolving door at the second cornerback spot.

    Who the picks should be: Knowing Bill Belichick’s style, one of the first rounders will in all likelihood be moved to a team looking to move up for a certain player that has fallen. But if the Patriots stay at their two spots, #17 and #28 overall, my two selections would be: DE JJ Watts and OT Derek Sherrod.

    2) The NY Jets

    A) Pass rushing Outside Linebacker—Jason Taylor has been released, Calvin Pace is coming off a very disappointing 2010 campaign, and if last year taught us anything about the Jets, the pass rush was definitely lacking at many points throughout the year. As a result, there were numerous times where the Jets secondary was exposed mightily. On top of that, depth is a concern—currently, Jamaal Westerman is the only reserve behind Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace, both of who are 30 and older.

    B) Nose Tackle—Kris Jenkins was released earlier this off-season after two straight seasons of a torn ACL and the depth behind starter Sione Pouha (who is 32 years old) is very inexperienced and probably not starter worthy. The Jets could really use someone who they could slide into the NT position for the next 10 to 12 years.

    C) Safety—Eric Smith, James Ihedigbo, and Brodney Pool are all free agents. Jim Leonhard is coming off a serious knee injury so you really aren’t sure what he is going to bring to the table. Someone to put next to Leonhard at the other safety is something the Jets need to think about and address, even if it is in the later rounds. Also note, if Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, or Brad Smith aren’t brought back for whatever reason, wide receiver moves up very much ahead of safety as a top need for the Jets. Right now, the Jets WR corp. is Jerricho Cotchery, Logan Payne, and Patrick Turner.

    Who the pick should be: Picking at #30 is a difficult spot to make a prediction in terms of who the Jets should draft. However, if all of the players are available at #30, I believe the NY Jets should select NT Phil Taylor from the University of Baylor. If Taylor is gone at #30, a guy like DE/OLB Akeem Ayers from UCLA is a guy the Jets should look at.

    3) Miami Dolphins

    A) Running Back—Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, the Dolphins two leading rushers last season, are both free agents and it is very possible neither will be back. Running back is very much a need for the Miami Dolphins

    B) Quarterback—Chad Pennington tore his ACL in a pick-up basketball game and Chad Henne and Tyler Thigpen were both very inconsistent. You have to really wonder if Henne has a future with the Miami Dolphins. While, quarterback may not be their first round selection, you have to think the Dolphins may look at a QB at some point in the draft.

    C) Offensive guard—Richie Incognito is a free agent and the rest of the Dolphins guards were somewhat inconsistent.

    Who the pick should be: You would have to think the Dolphins would look at RB Mark Ingram at #15, there are concerns with his knee. The problem for Miami at #15 overall is that a lot of the top prospects that could fill some of their needs will likely be gone. I will go out on a limb and say that the Miami Dolphins will select OG Mike Pouncey with the #15 overall pick but more than likely, the Dolphins will move down into the mid-20’s range with a team looking to move up to possibly select one of the top d-linemen in the draft, and add possibly a 2nd round pick which the team currently does not have.

    4) Buffalo Bills

    A) Defensive line—The Buffalo Bills most definitely need to get more stout upfront after giving up 169.6 yards per game on the ground last season. Kyle Williams made the Pro Bowl, but outside of him (and even he is undersized for a 3-4 NT) the talent level is just not there. Dwan Edwards, one of the Bills free agent signings last season, missed nearly 1/3 of the season.

    B) Pass rushing Outside Linebacker—Aaron Maybin has been a monumental bust in Buffalo, Shawn Merrimen hasn’t been able to stay healthy, Chris Kelsey just turned 30 and has been unspectacular, and Arthur Moats is still very young, but with a bright future. The Bills most definitely need someone who can get to the quarterback on a consistent basis. Keep in mind, 9 out of 16 games they gave up 30+ points to the opposition.

    C) Quarterback—Even though on a personal level, I do not agree this is as big of a need as some draft experts make it out to be, you have to wonder if Chan Gailey and the Bills front office see a long term future in current starter Ryan Fitzpatrick. By having the 3rd overall pick, the Bills will be in a prime position if they so choose to take one of the top two QB’s in this year’s draft, Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton.

    Who the pick should be: If the Bills are looking to fill an immediate need, then the pick should be University of Alabama DE/DT Marcell Dareus or Texas A&M OLB Von Miller, both of whom can get to the passer on a consistent basis. But the Bills haven’t really had a franchise QB since the retirement of Jim Kelly, so the pick will in all likelihood be QB Blaine Gabbert (if Carolina selects Cam Newton 1st overall) or QB Cam Newton (If Carolina selects Gabbert with the 1st overall pick).
    Quote Originally Posted by Canada26 View Post
    AFC West
    Denver Broncos
    1. Defensive Tackle - With the recent switch to the 4-3 defense, Denver finds themselves with a pretty big problem. Justin Bannan, Jamal Williams and Ronald Fields are all free agents. They have a need at both the 1-tech and 3-tech and may be desperate for an answer. Luckily for them, this draft is very top heavy with defensive tackles. It is imperative for them to have an inside force on their defensive line, especially switching to the 4-3 front. Placing a stud inside would also draw more attention away from Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers, allowing for more one on one looks for each to have. A good defense is always anchored by a good defensive interior line. The Broncos currently have minimal talent at that position.

    2. Cornerback - Champ Bailey is signed for the next 4 years, which was somewhat puzzling, given his age and production of late. Nonetheless, this position remains to be an area of need for the Broncos for several reasons. First and foremost, one can argue if Bailey can still play at an elite level, but the fact remains that he can still play football and play at a competitive level. After Champ, however, there isn't much. There was a bit of a revolving door, including players Andre Goodman, Perrish Cox and Nate Jones, none of which, are going to be compliments to Champ Bailey, or be able play at a level needed to be a starting cornerback. An upgrade is clearly evident in this area. Secondly, the division the Broncos play in, hold two of the top 12 passing offenses. In other words, they need to be able to stop the pass regularly to remain competitive. The NFL has switched from the desire to run the ball and stop the run, to the need to pass the ball and stop the pass.

    3. Safety - When you look at Denver's safeties, you see one number. An old age. Both Brian Dawkins and Renaldo hill are at the least a couple years past 30 and aren't playing like they used to. Further to my point in the previous section, the NFL is a pass first league, and at least one solid safety is required. Dawkins was slowed down by injury last year and we won't know how he returns. Unfortunately this class is relatively weak at the top for safety talent, however, there is some talent in the middle rounds, that will be sure to catch the Broncos brass' eye.

    Players to draft: Marcel Dareus DT University of Alabama. Patrick Peterson CB Louisiana State University, Rahim Moore S UCLA, Johnny Patrick CB Louisville, Phil Taylor DT Baylor

    Kansas City Chiefs
    1. Nose Tackle - The Chiefs defense had an up and down year, sometimes flashing signs of brilliance and other times showing how not to play at an NFL level. With that said, the unit improved from 3rd worst in the NFL to the middle of the pack. As I stated earlier, the key to any defense is strong play on the interior defensive line. Ron Edwards played at a mediocre level last year, is a free agent this year and is going to be 32 years old. Luckily for the Chiefs, this year's NFL draft is rich of defensive tackle and nose tackle prospects. In all likelihood, Edwards won't be brought back to resume his role as the starter, rather the hole will be filled via the draft.

    2. Right Tackle - Barry Richardson held the starting position at right tackle all of last year. That is about as complementary as I will be with him. With an upgrade here, the potential for Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones is limitless. Together, the Chiefs had a very strong run game, but against teams with tough fronts, the Chiefs struggled to run ball. With the weapons that are present in Kansas City's backfield, a strong offensive line is a must. It remains to be seen, whether Matt Cassell can take over a game, however, it is apparent that the key to the success for the Chiefs is a strong run game. Improving the offensive line, more particularly the right tackle is a must.

    3. Wide Receiver - Dwayne Bowe proved last year that he is a legitimate number one receiver in the NFL. He absolutely took over games and was downright dominant. Once you look past him, there is not a whole to lot to scare teams, or draw double teams away from Bowe. Dexter McCluster is a nice option in the slot, but will not be an every down threat. Chris Chambers is 32 years old and been slowing down each of the last few years. Matt Cassell doesn't turn the ball over often and showed the ability to get rid of the ball if nothing is open. He is a more than capable NFL quarterback, but is in need of another weapon to better this team. As redundant as it may sound, the NFL has changed from a run the ball and stop the run league, to being able to pass the ball and stop the pass.

    Players to draft: Gabe Carimi OT University of Wisconsin, Phil Taylor DT Baylor, Julio Jones WR University of Alabama, Jonathan Baldwin WR University of Pittsburgh, Jerrell Powe DT Ole Miss

    Oakland Raiders (8-8)
    1. Cornerback - Nnamdi Asomugha will most likely not return, leaving what was once the teams strongest area, now one of it's weakest. His play literally erased one half of the field and was able to take the opposing teams number one option in the pass game, out of the game. Without him, teams will be able to expose the Raiders secondary as well as their linebackers who struggled in coverage. Stanford Routt was resigned to a lucrative contract and should be able to consistently perform. The other side remains a question mark and it will undoubtedly be an area of concern for the Raiders if they choose not to address it in this draft.

    2. Left Guard - Robert Gallery is a free agent as well, and the chance that he chooses to go elsewhere is very alive. The Raiders are built to run the ball, especially with the emergence of Darren McFadden. The Raiders offensive line has actually performed quite well, above many people's expectations. In addition to guard, they have a hole at center as well, with Samson Satele set to become a free agent. McFadden is going to need some lanes to be opened for him, and adding a stud up front, can help the Raiders reach the success they had this year and build from it.

    3. Right Tackle - Langston Walker, who started 15 games at right tackle is now a free agent and is over 30 years old as well. As stated earlier, with so many holes along the offensive line, and the heavy dependance on the run game, it will be essential for the Raiders to fill these holes and fill them with quality players.

    Players to draft: Marcus Cannon OG Texas Christian University, Aaron Williams CB University of Texas, Ben Ijalana OL Villanova, Orlando Franklin OL University of Miami, Jimmy Smith CB University of Colorado

    San Diego Chargers (9-7)
    1. Defensive End - The Chargers boasted the top defense in the NFL last season, so it wouldn't be thought that one of their top areas of need would be on defense. Jacques Cesaire is a free agent this year and has struggled recently with his play. at the other end, Luis Castillo has been a mainstay and will be counted on again. As much as I'd love to see Vaughn Martin win a starting job, I realize that will not be happening anytime soon. In order for the Chargers to repeat as defensive champions, they need to find an adequate replacement at defensive end, opposite Luis Castillo.

    2. Inside Linebacker - Stephen Cooper, Kevin Burnett and Brandon Siler are all free agents leaving the Chargers with no one who has starting experience at the position. I must assume that the Chargers will make a strong attempt to bring back at least one of these linebackers, but it will still leave a hole beside whoever they sign. Luckily for the Chargers, the transition for a rookie into a 3-4 inside linebacker role is not as tough as other positions.

    3. Outside Linebacker - Larry English hasn't come close to living up to expectations, and may be replaced with a top rated draft pick this year. Antwan Applewhite played surprisingly well this year in most of the games, but still leaves a lot to be desired. Obviously, when being compared to Shaun Phillips and Shawn Merriman of the old, it will take a lot to meet expectations. In any event, an upgrade is needed and some pressure must be applied. Minimal sack totals from that position leave many wondering what can be done. An upgrade at this position is not out of the realm of reality.

    Quote Originally Posted by carson005 View Post
    AFC North

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    1) Cornerback - For the defending AFC champs who pride themselves on defense this team has big a hole at the CB position. Despite having two of the top safeties in the NFL, and an all-around good defense the Steelers ranked 12th in pass defense YPG. That ranking falls almost solely on their cornerbacks. If a player like Aaron Williams(Texas) is available at pick #31 I expect him to be taken.

    2) Offensive line - Besides the center spot this is a pretty weak offensive line. They could probably stand to upgrade all 4 of the positions but I think that if a future franchise LT falls to them they might have to take him.

    Baltimore Ravens

    1) Cornerback - A lot like the Steelers the Ravens are an outstanding defensive team that has a weakness at cornerback. If they don't address the cornerback position at pick #26, it would be a mistake because their aging defense won't be able to cover for their corners again next year.

    2) Wide Receiver - When they traded for Boldin last year a lot of people thought the Ravens WR problems were over. But I wouldn't be surprised to see the Ravens draft another WR, possibly in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    Cleveland Browns

    1) Wide Receiver - Talk about slim-pickings. The Cleveland Browns have nobody even close to a #1 or even really a #2 receiver. If the Browns don't get an impact wideout to help McCoy they will never be a successful team.

    2) Rush LB - One of the biggest reasons most teams are running a 3-4 defense now is the evolution of the rush LB position. Players like Demarcus Ware, Terrell Suggs, and Cameron Wake are huge impact players that have completely changed the game. The Cleveland Browns were 25th in sacks last year and if that number can't improve neither will the defense.

    3) Best player available - I know that "best player available" isn't really a need but this team needs all the help it can get. Pretty much any impact player at any position would be a huge step forward for this franchise.

    Cincinnati Bengals

    1) Quarterback - Carson Palmer will never lead the Bengals to a super bowl. So whether he is traded or not Quarterback is the biggest need for the Bengals, but probably not a need they should address at pick #4.

    2) Safety - The Bengals are building a really good young defense but they lack safety depth or a true impact safety. Injuries and one season wonders have hurt the Bengals who at this point will give a job to any safety who ask. A real starting safety would go a long way.

    3) Defensive Line - Carlos Dunlap emerged as one of the best young DE's in the league last year, going on an absolute tear in the last half of the season. Peko is one of the best run stopping 4-3 DT's in the league, but another quarterback disrupter on the line, either at DT with someone like Fairley or Dareus or with a DE such as Bowers would really make this defense special.

    Players to draft: Cameron Jordan DE University of California Berkeley, Ryan Kerrigan OLB Purdue, Aldon Smith OLB Missouri, Justin Houston DE/OLB Georgia, Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State, Adrian Clayborn DE University of Iowa.
    Quote Originally Posted by SteelCurtain
    AFC South

    Tennessee Titans
    The Tennessee Titans aren't long removed from being one of the elite teams in the league. That being said, their QB play has taken a nosedive of late and the old adage of new regimes bringing in new field generals looks to apply here. The problem is that they're picking at #8, meaning that they'll very likely miss out on the top 2 popular QB prospects in Gabbert and Newton. Will they reach for Jake Locker here? Very possibly so. Another area of need would be OC. Without Kevin Mawae, the Titans offense dropped to 17th in the league in rush yards per game at a mere 107.9 YPG. Therefore, Mike Pouncey could also be a surprise choice here. However, the most likely choice here for me would be DT Nick Fairley. The Titans need that big stud in the middle of the D-Line like they once had in Haynesworth to elevate their defense. People forget that Fairley's old D-Line coach at Auburn -- Tracy Rocker -- is now Tennessee's D-Line coach.

    Jacksonville Jaguars[/CENTER]

    The Jacksonville Jaguars are a team whose identity I have always been able to understand. Rock-solid defense and focus on the run game offensively have been their trademark. Unfortunately, their defensive strength has dissipated over the last few years through age and free agency. The running game is still stout, but there are few weapons -- nor a franchise QB present -- to support any form of passing game. Therefore, I'd view the Jags main needs as: 1) A top-level DE to pair up on the DL with Alualu and Terrence Knighton and 2) A future franchise QB. Unfortunately, the QBs that will be available at #16 would be considered a reach, so the likely position here would have to be DE. Ryan Kerrigan has been mocked to the Jags ad nauseum, to the point where I'd be surprised to see the Jags take him.(See 2010 Draft and surprise pick Tyson Alualu). therefore, I'm going to go a slightly different route and say they will take either the flexibility of DT/DEs Cam Jordan or JJ Watt.

    Indianapolis Colts

    The Indianapolis Colts have always been an offensive juggernaut, due to the poise and prowess of all-time great QB Peyton Manning. But their offense was at it's best when their pass protection was stout and they had a running game. Their offense hasn't been the same since they lost their Edge, although Manning can -- and often has -- willed their offense down the field. Donald Brown and Joseph Addai are simply not getting the job done. Meanwhile, their defensive line stopped the run much like a colander stops water.....providing very little resistance and ranking 25th in the NFL against the run. The obvious targets this year in the draft would be a new LT to upgrade Charlie Johnson(Nate Solder or Derek Sherrod), a premiere franchise RB(Mark Ingram) or a mammoth DT to attempt to establish a solid run defense(Muhammad Wilkerson). Gm Bill Polian rarely -- if ever -- has drafted a DT in the first round, so look for Solder or Sherrod to be the likely choice here.

    Houston Texans

    The Houston Texans were a study in dichotomy in 2010. While the offense rated top 10 in the NFL in all major statistical categories, the defense was bottom 5 in passing yards allowed, total yards allowed and total points allowed. The logical target for a first round pick this off-season would appear to be the secondary, in order to bolster their biggest weakness. With Patrick Peterson likely long gone by pick 11, CB Prince Amukamara has often been mocked to the Texans. However, the Texans are also undergoing a scheme change under new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Don't be surprised to see the Texans target an athletic OLB(Aldon Smith or Robert Quinn) or a mammoth NT(Phil Taylor) with pick 11.

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    NFC continued
    Quote Originally Posted by homestarunner93 View Post
    NFC South

    Carolina Panthers

    1) Defensive Tackle
    The panthers defensive tackle depth is abysmal. While derek landri had a nice breakout season this year, ultimately they must find a starter at nose tackle, as well as adding some solid backups. Other than landri and andre neblett, there are probably no keepers on this squad. The panthers really let ma’ake kemoeatu and damione lewis walk too early, and they paid for it dearly this year.

    2) Cornerback
    Richard Marshall is expected to walk in free agency, so the panthers will need to find a starter opposite of Chris Gamble at some point in the draft. Captain munnerlyn performed admirably when asked to start, but he is better suited in a nickel role in the long run, especially if the panthers plan to keep him in the punt return role as well. The panthers will probably look at taking two corners in this draft, and i expect one to be selected before the end of the third round. In addition to needing a starter, the panthers really need reliable depth at the position as well. Robert mcclain was horrible when he played the nickel role, and r.j. Stanford appears to be nothing but practice squad fodder.

    3) Offensive Line
    The offensive line has some serious pass protection issues, leading to a very bad year for Jimmy Clausen and the offense as a whole last season. The return of Jeff Otah will certainly help, but that doesn’t nullify the fact that Jordan Gross really struggled last year in pass protection, that the right guard spot was a revolving door of crap, and that this team is notorious for carrying minimal depth across the offensive line. The panthers really need to look at adding a potential starter at right guard as well as potentially taking a project tackle that may eventually grow into a left tackle later on.

    The pick should be: A.j. Green, WR, georgia – Does he fill one of the top three needs? Not immediately, but it seems as if steve smith has worn out his welcome in carolina. If the panthers really do want to move him, then they need someone to replace him. David gettis looked pretty good last year, but it is highly doubtful that he’s anything more than a #2 option. While dareus and peterson are fantastic players, there is a lot of depth in this draft at both of these positions. The panthers might also be concerned about paying top money to another corner when chris gamble is already one of the highest earners on the team.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    1) Defensive End
    The Buccaneers did a nice job shoring up the tackle position in the 2010 draft by selecting Brian Price and Gerald Mccoy, but they really need to look for a great pass rusher with their 20th selection this year. If there is a good value still available at defensive end when they pick, I have little doubt the bucs will opt to select him.

    2) Cornerback
    the bucs really need to find a potential starting cornerback in this draft. With Ronde Barber nearing fossilization and Aqib Talib potentially facing a suspension, they may face some serious trouble in the secondary next season. Luckily for them, the tampa 2 does not require great downfield coverage cbs, but they still need to add talent regardless. They may not opt to address this position terribly early, but i expect that they will not leave this draft without at least one cornerback selection.

    3) Running Back
    Legarrette Blount was phenomenal for the bucs last year, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they still have some questions at the running back position. First off, it is not certain that Blount will be able to duplicate what he did last year. He was, in reality, an undrafted free agent. Even assuming Blount is still a good starting rb; the bucs will need to look for a quality spell back for him. If there is a good value on the board, they could potentially take a rb in round 2. With the correct selection, they could form a formidable 1-2 punch.

    The pick should be: J.J. Watt, DE/DT, Wisconsin – watt would definitely be an interesting selection for the bucs. He could grow into a three technique in a 4-3, but the bucs would be hoping to keep him at le. Watt is athletic enough, however, that he should be able to stick at end. He would really shore up the defensive line and give them another highly regarded starter along the front.

    New Orleans Saints

    1) Outside Linebacker
    If there’s one position that the saints are lacking talent at, it’s outside linebacker. Their olbs really, really struggle at times. Jonathan Vilma helps make up for some of their deficiencies with his range and talent, but he can’t do everything. The saints could really stand to add some playmakers at olb.

    2) Defensive End
    The saints do not have a lot of talent across from Will Smith at defensive end. They seemed to have at least put a band-aid on the DT position for another year by signing Shaun Rogers, although if there was a good value at their pick, they certainly could go defensive tackle. However, end is a more pressing need, thus it makes the list here.

    3) Running Back
    Yes, they did manage to keep Pierre Thomas in the fold earlier this offseason. Despite this, the Saints could look to add another rb. I’m not sure on the specifics of Thomas’ deal, but i doubt the guarantees are rampant throughout the contract as he was highly disappointing this year. Chris Ivory was strong as a rookie this year, but it’s highly doubtful that he is going to be a feature back in the NFL. Reggie Bush is nothing more than a gimmick player and I struggle to even call him depth in the backfield at this point.

    The pick should be: Cameron Heyward, DE/DT, Ohio State- Like Watt, Heyward could end up inside in a 4-3. Unlike the bucs, though, the saints would probably be pretty happy with heyward either at end or at tackle. Heyward is an immensely talented player who is a top ten talent, but will slip due to effort concerns. If the saints’ staff could effectively motivate him, he would be an absolute steal at this point.

    Atlanta Falcons

    1) Wide Receiver
    While roddy white has emerged as one of the best receivers in the NFL. the falcons need quite a bit of help outside of him at the position. Michael Jenkins is perennially a disappointment, and brian finneran at this point is not a very impactful player in the passing game. The Falcons could go with a variety of different receivers, and will probably take the best WR talent they can early, regardless of skill set.

    2) Offensive Guard
    Both of the falcons starting guards are slated to hit free agency this offseason. It’s fair to expect that they may not be able to keep both of them. Harvey Dahl is by far the better of the two players, and every effort should be made to keep him. Justin Blalock is replaceable, though, and the falcons may opt to fill his spot through the draft rather than overpaying to keep him.

    3) Defensive End
    This isn’t a dire need for the falcons, but they could use a new end. Lawrence Sidbury was a popular sleeper pick for them, but he’s ultimately been very disappointing. Kroy Biermann is a good end, and Jonathan Abraham is a fantastic rusher. Abraham is getting old though, and is a very one-dimensional player in the first place. At worst, they could stand to add another good talent to their de rotation.

    The pick should be: Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh – Baldwin is a physical freak who could very well be a respectable #1 wr in this class if it weren’t for two amazing talents in A.J. Green and Julio Jones above him. Even still, he’s a fantastic complement to Roddy White who will open up the field for both him and Tony Gonzalez.

    Quote Originally Posted by ebbs View Post
    NFC North
    Minnesota Vikings –
    1. QB relatively the easiest need to determine for any team in the entire division. The Favre era appears (knock on wood) to finally be over. The Vikings could look to within the franchise for their starter next year as T. Jackson almost got a chance this year to hold the reigns. But the vikes would benefit greatly through the addition of a young high end prospect whether to pressure the starter and develop overtime or to take over immediately. Ryan mallet or jake locker are two options that should be available at #12 and probably later on giving the vikes the potential chance to move down.

    2. Cb is another area in which the vikings could improve. Winfield is still a quality starting corner he is getting up there in age. Allen is probably better off in the nickel and lito who played the nickel most of the season due to injuries was abused. Though a healthy secondary with griffin back in the mix might be enough to get by on the addition of a player like colorado’s Jimmy Smith could make a nice addition.

    3. Minnesota’s defensive line could see some strain as Kevin Williams could face a suspension and Pat Williams may not return at all. Jared Allen is coming off one of his least impressive seasons and many claim Ray Edwards has simply been a product of the talent around him his entire career. An athletic and flexible player like Cameron Jordan might be a wise choice as he could slide into several different positions on their line.

    Green Bay Packers –
    1. With the severity of Grants injury last year and the lack of a running game at several points through the 2010-2011 campaign the packers might look to draft a running back. Should Ingram fall all the way to the final round i can’t see green bay passing on him. Mikel Leshoure could also be an option.

    2. Green Bay could also use some depth on their d-line behind their front 3. Options may be limited so late in the draft so you never know maybe green bay makes a move to grab someone like Cam Heyward or Corey Liuget. If not maybe brooks reed or marvin austin will still be available.

    3. They are the defending champs so as a whole there team is pretty good for the last need they could look to add depth in the wr corps or the secondary. With both Driver and Woodson aging and slowly fading into the background behind next generation packers i don’t think green bay could go wrong taking either a cb or wr late in the first depending on whose available. If either Torrey Smith or Jimmy Smith fell i don’t think either would be a bad choice.

    Chicago Bears –
    1. Da bears, could still use that #1 wr. It is a little harder to acquire that wide receiver so far down in the draft but torrey smith could be a good addition. Hester has had his moments and Knox has shown flashes of potential. I could see them waiting and maybe taking a receiver in the 2nd like Leonard Hankerson or Randall Cobb.

    2. That secondary could also use a tune up; i think a corner is a must for the bears this season. If Jimmy Smith isn’t on the board they should look to trade back for more picks and a cb like Aaron Williams or Brandon Harris.

    3. The bears could also benefit from a tackle to play behind either of the starters and keep pressure on both to maintain their jobs. Cutler was tossed around like a rag doll last season and love him or hate him the bears are an infinitely better team when he is on the field. I think Nate Solder would be an excellent selection if available.

    Detroit Lions –
    1. The Lions could use another young member to pair up with the reigning DROY Suh. The lions have seen some solid contribution from their picks over the last few years and i think they will have the opportunity to bring in a real game changer at 13. I think Cameron Jordan, Da’quan Bowers, or maybe even Nick Fairley if they can trade up paired with suh would be lethal for years.

    2. The lions secondary is also hurting unlike the rest of the teams in the division the lions will actually have a shot at Prince Amukamara who should be able to come in and play immediately for the lions and their 21st ranked overall pass defense.

    3. The lions like the bears also lost their qb to injury last season. Matt Stafford though talented has already missed 19 games in his 2 year career. Detroit needs to keep him on his feet as much as possible and i believe tyron smith if available should be the pick for them this year. Anthony Castonzo could also be an option for them.
    Quote Originally Posted by westbrook36
    NFC East
    Philadelphia Eagles

    The Eagles have a few glaring needs this off-season, one being the offensive line position. It will be interesting to see if the eagles will select a zone blocking offensive lineman such as Howard Mudd uses or a power scheme offensive lineman such as they have in place currently. Howard Mudd prefers his offensive lineman to be quick and able to hit into the next level, however Andy Reid generally drafts large offensive lineman who are able to bully the line of scrimmage. They also are in search for a number two corner considering the career ending neck injury to Ellis Hobbs. Asante Samuel plays virtually on an island by himself, purely as a LCB. Assuming they’d like to mirror the situation when Sheldon Brown was on the other side, a physical man to man cornerback is something they will be directed towards. They also could look in the direction of a linebacker; it’s very possible that they could end up drafting a will or sam. With the recent injury to Stewart Bradley even the mike position could be a need, then again, we know that Andy doesn’t draft linebackers in the first round.

    Options: Gabe Carimi (OL), Jimmy Smith (CB), and Brandon Harris (CB)

    Dallas Cowboys

    The Dallas Cowboys truly have enough talent where they shouldn’t be in the position of drafting 9th in this year’s draft. They could really use an offensive lineman, but this is a weak draft in that area. I only see one potential top 10 offensive lineman that could be considered in Tyron Smith. They could use a 3-4 defensive end to fit the style of play; one who will likely be on the board that would fit perfectly is J.J Watt. Watt fits the 30 front 3-4 defense the cowboys play in as a 5 technique. Watt would bring character to the team and the ability to lineup in 4-3 fronts as a lde if they wished to. Even a cornerback could be an option; however i believe they think that Michael Jenkins can return to his former self.

    Options: Tyron Smith (OL), J.J Watt (DE), Cameron Jordan (DE), and Prince Amukamara (CB)

    Washington Redskins

    The Redskins have some glaring needs such as WR, QB (assuming that Mcnabb is leaving), and CB. If A.J Green is on the board then I can’t see them passing him up, the type of playmaker ability he brings to the table. With Santana Moss (WR) and Carlos Rogers (cb) both being free agents they could also look into the direction of a CB, someone such as Prince Amukamara, who many believe to be the second best cornerback in this years draft. Prince has fluent hips, speed, physicality, and size, everything needed when drafting an elite cornerback. Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert will both likely be off the board by the time pick 10 comes rolling around, leaving them the option to reach for someone such as Jake Locker if they feel the need to draft a QB.

    Options: A.J Green (WR), Julio Jones (WR), Prince Amukamara (CB), and Jake Locker (QB)

    New York Giants

    I know that the Giants generally will draft players to groom them into a starting role in the following two seasons, if that is the case then an offensive lineman could work as a perfect pick here. Anthony Catonzo or Gabe Carimi are two players that the Giants could be very interested in making long term fixtures on the offensive line. They also need to bring in a positive player at the linebacker position which leaves Akeem Ayers as the prime pick; however this draft seems to have a lot of value for the linebacker position in the second (Martez Wilson) to third round. I could see a wildcard running back even being an option depending on what they do with Brandon Jacobs, leaving a window open for mark ingram.

    Options: Akeem Ayers (LB), Anthony Catonzo (OL), Gabe Carimi (OL), and Mark Ingram (RB)
    Quote Originally Posted by mdlr52192
    NFC West

    Arizona Cardinals- QB, OLB, OL, CB

    The Arizona Cardinals were putrid this year, especially offensively, and their most glaring need is QB. Kurt Warner’s retirement and the departure of Anquan Boldin really put a lot of pressure on whoever was going to be the QB for the Cardinals, and Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson, Max Hall, John Skelton, and Richard Bartel obviously couldn’t get the job done.

    The Cardinals other glaring weakness was a very lethargic pass rush. All the pressure can’t be put on the down linemen in a 3-4, so Arizona is going to need a pass-rushing olb if they want to effectively run the 3-4.

    Possible first round picks: QB Blaine Gabbert, QB Cam Newton, OLB Von Miller, DE/OLB Robert Quinn

    San Francisco 49er - CB, QB, OLB

    Another disappointing season ends with another high draft pick for the San Francisco 49ers, and they have some big needs they need to address, including the secondary, the quarterback position, and pass rush.

    The secondary was very porous time and time again for the 49ers, mostly because this team lacks a true #1 corner. Let’s face it, Nate Clements is better suited to play safety at this point, especially with his tackling ability.

    As of now, David Carr is the only qb on the 49ers roster, so something needs to be done about that. It seems as though a qb would more likely be taken in the 2nd round, but if Jim Harbaugh really likes what he sees from a certain prospect, he might take a chance.

    Besides getting a quarterback to run their offense, the 49ers need to find away to get to the quarterback on the defensive side of the ball. The pass rush hasn’t been what it needs to be in order for the 49ers to contend for a super bowl. The main objective will be to find help by addressing the olb position, which has been one of the weaker parts of their front seven.

    Possible first round picks:CB Patrick Peterson, CB Prince Amukamara, DE/OLB Robert Quinn, OLB Von Miller, QB Blaine Gabbert

    St. Louis Rams - DE/OLB, DT, OG, S, WR

    The Rams had a very nice season after having the number 1 overall pick last season, and if they can make the right moves through the draft, they’ll be able to make some noise come next season (whenever that may be).

    One area of concern for the rams is their ability to stop the run. They need to be looking for an OLB or DE that can help set the edge in stopping the run or a DT to help clog up the holes in this 4-3 scheme. This isn’t necessarily a big hole for the rams, but if they can upgrade, it’s a huge step towards having a very good defense, and we know what steve spagnuolo can do with a dominant defense.

    On the offensive side of the ball, the Rams need to find someone to help keep Sam Bradford upright, especially at the guard position. Bradford also could use some weapons to flourish, although the top wrs most likely will be gone by this pick.

    Possible first round picks: WR Julio Jones, G Mike Pouncey, DE/OLB Aldon Smith, DT Corey Liuget, DE Ryan Kerrigan, DE JJ Watt, DE Cameron Jordan, DT/DE Muhhamed Wilkerson

    25. Seattle Seahawks- OL, DL, QB, CB

    Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst didn’t have great protection, and it needs to improve in order for the offense to get rolling. The seahawks can address this area by upgrading at the guard position.

    Now Hasselbeck isn’t getting younger, or even guaranteed to be back with the seahawks next season, and whitehurst hasn’t proven that he’s “the future” of the seahawks, so it would make sense if the seahawks drafted a qb that could possibly sit and learn the offense, then come in when ready.

    On the other side of the ball, seattle could use an upgrade on the defensive line. The seahawks need help with run stopping up front as well getting to the quarterback. An upgrade at either the tackle or end position would help serve as a complement to Chris Clemons, who is coming off of a very nice year.

    Seattle could also use a corner who fits in the press scheme that seattle runs to help complement trufant and take pressure off of the pass rush.

    Possible first round picks: QB Jake Locker, QB Ryan Mallett, C/OG Mike Pouncey, DT Phil Taylor, OT Gabe Carimi, CB Jimmy Smith

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    The Redskins have bigger needs than C. NT, RT, and OLB are all bigger needs, IMO. I think Tyron Smith and Robert Quinn are both huge possibilities at #10.
    Quote Originally Posted by matthewredskin3 View Post
    At this point, Cousins gives us the best opportunity to win.
    30 minutes before RG3 goes down

    Quote Originally Posted by matthewredskin3 View Post
    Let's just keep RG3 in the game. Can't move and risking furthur injury. Great call.
    One play before RG3 goes down

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    The thing I found hardest about trying to make a pick with a couple of my teams in the AFC East is with how late they draft. A team like Buffalo, yeah, you can make a pretty solid guess.

    But the Jets?
    PSD's Muhammad Wilkerson!!!

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    lions had the 16th pass D... (2nd vs num 2 WR, 10th vs num 1 WR, 19th vs RB 26th vs slot 29th TE)

    we had very god CBs..(yes you can argue that was b/c of the pass rush...) we just had alot of injures there... having people start with less then a week on the team

    we also had the 4th best pass blocking OL...

    we did a very goo job at protecting the QB.. he just needs to learn to fall

    i like the idea of a top DE next to suh but dont think we will grt one early...

    lions biggest need is by far LB... only have 2 on the roster
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    CB is a secondary need compared to OL, DE, and OLB. If Bodden, and I understand it is a big if, can come back completely healthy, then he is more than capable enough of handling the second corner sport. He was pretty good as the top corner in the previous year. Getting a physical/deep threat WR might be more important than another corner as well.

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    Agree with the Steelers needs.

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    Agree with the Buc's needs, but offensive line might get a look in the draft.

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    Lions are almost dead on... Throw out the Defensive Line Position and add Linebacker...
    its all good.

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    Chicago needs, in this order (not by what they should pick, but by need):
    -Wide Reciever
    -Corner back
    -Defensive tackle

    If they get a really good offensive tackle and draft the rest of these positions, the bears will be okay

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    Cornerback is not the #1 need for the Ravens. It's probably 4th behind WR, OLB, 5-tech. Depending on what happens with Gaither it could slide CB to 5th on the needs list. If we do take a corner earlier then the 3rd or 4th round its because the value is too great at the spot we pick to pass up.

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    miami's biggest need is quarterback

    wish list:
    1.ryan mallett
    2.jon baldwin/leonard hankerson to go opposite marshall

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    OLB is a much greater need for NE than CB. Even if Bodden doesn't come back, OLB is still a bigger need.

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    With Miami their biggest need depends on who you ask.

    In my opinion their biggest need is on Oline at G or C. Runningback is the second greatest need and a playmaking TE is their 3rd.

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    There is no way dallas would take a DE in the top 10. Not with the type of defense they run. Its to much money, and its a position that could EASILY be filled in the lower rounds. They need guys to simply take up blockers with that position..

    People can talk about need, or the player being high energy, or whatever... But the simple fact is, no way, jerry takes a de with that pick. (im talking 3-4 de... a de that could be convereted to a olb is a diffrent story.. im strictly talking 3-4 DE.)

    By far our biggest need is OL. OT, OG, whatever. We have a huge need for offensive lineman.

    Now, we could go corner, but it would only be, IMO, for peterson, not because its a big need, but because of his off the wall talent. Some times you pick best available over need.. peterson would be that reason...

    But, i think we stay put and take tyron. or move back and take another, or the same Tackle,
    or, may, just maybe trade way back (20-22) and take pouncy, then a tackle in the second...

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