Hey guys second time posting here and was just hoping to get some advice seeing as how you all appear to be fitness gurus. Basically, I am looking to gain some muscle without having to lose much speed and endurance. I am 19 and playing rugby in college, so I would like to be in ideal condition for the season. I am currently 153lbs and have been lifting/running on my own but I would like to maximize my workouts and get the most out of my time.

I guess a bit of history may help in you helping me, so here it is. I ran cross country, played soccer, and rugby in high school but all of these sports never spent much time in the weight room, so I basically had to go there myself and learn on my own. Because of this, I am lacking in free weight knowledge and would appreciate any advice on what exercises you recommend.

I am relatively pleased with my current workouts but like anything else, they can be improved. As it stands now, I try and go 5 days a week (it can be hectic with class and homework) and work different areas different days. Monday is a general workout, Tuesday is abs, Wednesday chest, etc. In addition to lifting, I run after every session in the gym to keep my cardio in respectable condition. I mix it up with distance, intervals, and timed miles just to keep endurance and speed as best I can.

Here are the main questions I have:

1) From what I have read here, it appears that free weights are the preferred method over machines, am I correct? If so, what are some good exercises for me to use?

2) I have never used any supplements before but if they help, what should I use and how much will they cost?

3) Is it bad to run after lifting, or should I do that separately?

Seeing as how I am in college, my food choices are somewhat limited but I just wanted to get some feedback. I usually don't wake up early enough to get breakfast, so I usually eat a Fiber One bar or Nutrigrain bar to get me going as well as orange juice. Lunch is either chicken strips and mashed potatoes or a turkey sandwich, chips, and a granola bar. Dinner varies from a grilled chicken breast or grilled chicken mixed with vegetables in pita bread. Are these good choices or should I get something different?

That is all of my questions for now but thanks in advance.