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    Top 25 PG of All Time

    I've been working on a list of the top 25 players at each position in NBA history. The rankings are based purely on statistics, combining traditional stats like PPG, RPG, and APG with advanced stats like career PER and career Win Shares. Team success in terms of championships won have also been factored in. For an active player to be included on the list, he must have played at least 8 seasons. To start, here are my top 25 point guards of all time.

    1. Magic Johnson
    2. Oscar Robertson
    3. Jerry West
    4. Chris Paul
    5. John Stockton
    6. Bob Cousy
    7. Tony Parker
    8. Walt Frazier
    9. Gary Payton
    10. Isiah Thomas
    11. Jason Kidd
    12. Kevin Johnson
    13. Sam Cassell
    14. Steve Nash
    15. Chauncey Billups
    16. Paul Westphal
    17. Tiny Archibald
    18. Tim Hardaway
    19. Deron Williams
    20. Stephon Marbury
    21. Dennis Johnson
    22. Calvin Murphy
    23. Gus Williams
    24. Lenny Wilkens
    25. Maurice Cheeks

    Comments: CP3 comes in astonishingly high at 4 but this is primarily because his career stats are still bolstered by his being in his prime and can be expected to drop as he ages. Parker at 7 is also a surprise but the 4 championships are the determining factor in his high ranking. A lot of people will argue that Isiah is a top-5 all time PG but his career PER is low (18.1) for an all time great and he's also hurt by a relatively short (13 seasons) career. Other than that, Steve Nash is quite a few spots lower than I expected or subjectively think he should be and D-Will and Marbury are interesting inclusions in the top 20 but have the career numbers to justify it.

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    While people may not agree with your list no one can really get upset because its your opinion and we all have them.
    My list would be the same just maybe without Steph Marbury. Also a few spots would be switched, but overall a nice list.

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