...if idiots donít stop posting sample sources in the PUBLIC comments section on YouTube (the 3rd largest website in the world) and Last.fm for e-props. I am going to quit making hip-hop musicóand I mean THIS year. This is an absolute promise.

If I get another Cease & Desist Letter because someone couldnít just use DM or e-mails to discuss samples, then Oneirology will be the last rap record I am ever involved in. Chico & The Man will be shelved permanently. Iíll come straight to QN5.com, post a copy of the letter, erase all of my social networking sites and that will be the last you hear from me as a hip-hop producer, ever.

Cross my heart.

I certainly donít do this for the money, so Iím not about to deal with lawyers over some little boom-bap songs that nobody cares about because people that claim to ďloveĒ what I do canít keep themselves from stabbing me in the back.
-Kno (QN5.com)