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    City Council Approves Arena

    I was following the Bee's live blog. Council just approved the arena. So happy that it's all over and it's Sac Kings Forever. Time to go drink!

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    1500 already sent out a release:

    City Approves Arena Deal
    Landmark Project Set to Open in 2016
    Posted: May 20, 2014

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    Sacramento, CA – Before a packed council chambers, Mayor Kevin Johnson and the City Council approved plans to build and finance a new Entertainment and Sports Center (ESC) at the Downtown Plaza Mall.

    “Tonight’s vote is a historic moment for Sacramento and the culmination of years of hard work from so many in our city and our region,” said Mayor Kevin Johnson, “Sacramento has had a vision for its future and I am so proud of our community for their fight and resolve to ensure that vision became a reality. I can't wait till groundbreaking in the fall.”

    Tonight’s vote is the culmination of a 15-year community effort to build and finance a new Entertainment and Sports Center. The Sacramento City Council Chambers was filled to capacity with 200 people inside. More gathered outside of City Hall to watch the Council Meeting on a giant LED Screen.

    "We want to thank Mayor Johnson and the Sacramento City Council for their leadership,” said Kings’ owner Vivek Ranadivé. “We are humbled by tonight's historic vote and the opportunity to truly transform this great city. Most importantly, I want to thank Kings fans and the amazing people of the entire region for their passion and support. As I've always said, the Sacramento Kings belong to you.”

    The Sacramento City Council approved five items at tonight’s meeting, each by a 7 to 2 margin. Those items include:

    Environmental Impact Report and Planning Entitlements
    Amendment to Sacramento City Code Section 15.148.815 and Adding Section 15.148.965, Relating to Digital Billboards on City-Owned Lands
    Authorize Issuance and Sale of Lease Revenue Bonds Series 2014 in an Amount Not to Exceed $325 Million
    Terms and Agreements for the 35 Year ESC Partnership
    Deletion of Property from Master Lease Program

    Key details include:

    The total project cost is $477 million
    The City’s cash contribution to the ESC will be $223 million and the Kings’ will be $254 million
    The Kings will pay a minimum lease payment that starts at $6.5 million and will accrue to a total of $391 million over the life of the lease
    Repayment sources for the City’s lease revenue bonds will be parking revenues, hotel tax revenues and other revenue streams created by the new ESC
    The Kings will agree to stay in Sacramento as anchor tenants of the ESC for 35 years
    The City will make a fixed one-time investment in the ESC financed primarily via revenues from the Kings lease payments, City’s parking system, and hotel taxes
    The Kings will cover all additional costs, including cost overruns, predevelopment, capital repairs, and development of City land parcels
    The Kings and City agree to re-finance the existing loan in 2016

    Upcoming important milestones:

    Demolition to begin in Summer 2014
    Groundbreaking to begin in Fall 2014
    The grand opening is scheduled for October 2016


    "You want to talk about a guy who makes the team? He is Michael Jordan. Their defense sucks. Every game, he has to outscore everybody. If I was to draft tomorrow any player in the NFL, it would be Andrew Luck one, Aaron Rodgers two." - Anonymous NFL GM talking about Andrew Luck

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    Hearing we will have a Crown-shaped arena....Kingdom!

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    I live a couple blocks away from the site and am hoping to get a job helping build the arena.

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