Depth Charts:
GMs should post depth charts to assure that their team is being organized the way they desire. All changes to depth charts should be bolded, and only the specific changes. Do not bold an entire depth chart (unless its the first sim), or it will not be input. GMs may also ask to have their depth charts CPUd, and the program will pick what it thinks is the best depth chart for the team.

Depth Chart Format:
Team A

C: Starting C - 2nd String C - 3rd String C
PF: Starting PF - 2nd String PF - 3rd String PF
SF: Starting SF - 2nd String SF - 3rd String SF
SG: Starting SG - 2nd String SG - 3rd String SG
PG: Starting PG - 2nd String PG - 3rd String PG

1. (Top Scoring Option)
2. (Second Scoring Option)
3. (Third Scoring Option)

Pace: (Very Fast, Fast, Normal, Slow or Very Slow)
Trap: (Never, Sometimes, Normal, Often, Always)
Press: (Never, Sometimes, Normal, Often, Always)
Scoring: (Inside, Balanced, Outside)

Inactive Players: