I remember getting pounded by the Canucks around Christmas, and I thought that was it. Sutter finally resigned, I thought Jay Feaster was going to start tearing the place down and starting over. I knew there was a lot of time left in the season, but I thought the amount of teams ahead of us would make any push for the playoffs hard.

As of right now, we are two points out of the playoffs, have lost once in regulation in our last ten, and are playing pretty well. Kipper seems to be finding his confidence, Iggy is over 20 snipes for the year, guys like Moss and Jokinen are starting to do something. Things are encouraging but there's still like 5 teams in between us and a playoffs spot.

Are you still believing? Or is making the playoffs any reward, considering the future doesn't look too bleak with our team getting older, and no youth on the way?