Last night I noticed that the Anaheim versus Montreal game was being carried on NHL Center Ice on both Hockey Night In Canada and the Anaheim feed. As a Montreal and Tampa Bay fan, I definitely didn't want to listen to Bob "Toronto" Cole or Glenn Healy or even have to look at Don Cherry in his clown outfit. So I decided to try the Anaheim feed and hope they weren't "homers."

To my surprise, John Ahlers and Brian Hayward were probably the two best announcers I've heard in a long, long time. (I usually have to put up with homer fans posing as announcers yelling for their team to score when I watch a Montreal game.) But these two guys were calling things fair and square. They'd say when Anaheim got away with one there or when Montreal got away with one. As a matter of fact, even a Montreal fan who belongs to the FLR (Forum Locker Room) commented this morning on how good they were. They joined in a nice tribute for Saku Koivu for his days as a Hab.

Most fans posing as announcers are too stupid to realize that fans of both teams are watching the game they're doing and don't want to hear them cheering on their own team. When they do it, my sound goes off. But hats off to Ahlers and Hayward, the best I've heard in a long time. Too bad we couldn't send a tape of the game to the NHL and tell them, "This is the way the game is supposed to be called, by professionals, not by cheerleaders."