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    Quote Originally Posted by dbroncos78087 View Post
    Our argument is only, why keep those women who can compete out?
    Cant argue that i guess, they should be given the opportunity to compete.

    If you cant beat them, join them

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    Quote Originally Posted by carter80 View Post
    i have, in my 6 years of serving and soon to be more, have meant a handful of women that can keep up with men on just the pt test. When the **** hits the fan and you got 60 lbs of gear on plus your weapon and you are carrying your injured buddy thats when the real test is, i have only meant maybe 1 or 2 women that MIGHT be able to keep up.
    The pt test really needs to be overhauled. The three standard events are no longer sufficient to measure the effectiveness of a soldier physically. I've seen soldiers that could come close to maxing the pt test, that couldn't move or keep up for **** with all their gear on. It's one thing to run with shorts and a t-shirt on. It's a whole different thing running with acu's, boots, all your gear, and a weapon. There is not one measurement on a pt test that will be able to show if a soldier can pull a wounded comrade to safety. To me that is a big issue. And this goes for males too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carter80 View Post
    Cant argue that i guess, they should be given the opportunity to compete.
    Now i dont deny that there are people who agree with me that want them to be able to serve in the army who want quotas. On that point i would be right on your side. Saying we need 2 women to every 8 men does us no good. But if there are 2 women who earn a spot they should get a chance.
    Think long and hard about why you respond to nonsense. Please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGGGG-Men View Post
    I'm confused, I thought women DID serve in battle in the Israeli army...

    That's the depressing I need a handicap.

    Some units yes, some units no.

    More than 90 per cent of jobs in the IDF are open to women

    So theres obviously a 10% that arent.

    Some women served in various positions in the IDF, including infantry, radio operators and transport pilots in the 1948 war of independence and "Operation Kadesh" in 1956, but later the Air Force closed its ranks to female pilots, and women were restricted from combat positions. There is a draft of both men and women. Most women serve in non-combat positions, and are conscripted for two years (instead of three for men). A landmark high court appeal in 1994 forced the Air Force to accept women air cadets. In 2001, Israel's first female combat pilot received her wings. In 1999 the Caracal company was formed, as a non segregated infantry company. In 2000 it was expanded into a Battalion (called The 33rd, for the 33 women killed in combat during the War of Independence) since then, further combat positions have opened to women, including Artillery, Field Intelligence, Search and Rescue, NBC, Border Patrol, K-9 Unit and anti-aircraft warfare.

    The situation is changing with time but woman still cant do all jobs.

    Not that I agree with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by homestarunner93 View Post
    If they want to fight, let them. I don't understand the issue here with allowing them in combat roles.
    Having been in combat, I can see the issues. Its the physical aspect. I did have woman with me and a couple could pull their weight with no problem. If they can meet the physical requirements and strain than I see no problem with it, only problem I see is them letting woman in that can't physically pull their own, but for the ones that can then let them in.
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