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    Aug 2010

    Who Would be Easier to Tackle???

    A few months ago, my friends and I got into a pretty heated debate that still has not quite stopped. One of my friends said that if given the chance, they would rather have the opportunity to tackle Adrian Peterson in the open field as opposed to tackling Chris Johnson because he felt that he had the better chance of bringing AD down. Lets remember that he is just an average joe and quite frankly has about a 0% chance of taking either down. To me it was ridiculous to say that, but what do you guys think? Who would you think would be the easiest to tackle out of the two?

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    db75 Guest
    AD would be easier simply because he's not as shifty. If you can manage to get some kind of wrap on his leg and he gets caught just right, he's going down.

    That said, I'd rather be hit full on by CJ than

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    Jul 2010
    Difficult... Do I want my ankles broken or get knocked on my back? I think I'll take AD (who is still extremely fast), because AD will try to overpower me and by some luck that contact may cause him to somehow slip.

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    Aug 2009
    Chicago, IL
    Yeah i think i rather take my chances at taking down AD.

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    May 2008
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    If I could get my hands on him, I think that I would take Johnson, however, I dont think I could. If it came down to open field I would take AP, I dont think he is a crafty, but he runs hard,so I could at least try to tacke him, doesnt mean I succede.

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    Feb 2011
    LOL at any of you thiking Peterson is easier to tackle. CJ has like 1 or 2 homeruns a game, everything else is him get just stuffed right away.

    Give me CJ, yeah he might run by me, but if he doesn't at least I have a chance at bringing him down. With Peterson he would just bulldose right over me, the chance of tackling him is 0%.

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    Nov 2009
    Okay, 1 out of 1000 tries I might be able to slow down CJ. Peterson would run through any of us without missing a beat 1000/1000 times. AD is a freaking beast.

    Edit-What Neon Deion said, except I think he undersold CJ a little bit.

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    Jun 2008
    GP, MI
    I think if I tried to tackle an AP going full speed my head would pop off. I'd rather take my chanes with CJ.
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    Jul 2008
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    None of us would be able to bring down either of them. Chris Johnson would run right past every one of us, and Peterson would just run right over us.

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    Feb 2007
    I'll take Chris Johnson and save myself the concussion.

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    subroc Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by X12Celtics3 View Post
    None of us would be able to bring down either of them. Chris Johnson would run right past every one of us, and Peterson would just run right over us.

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    Sep 2010
    Auckland, New Zealand
    The question is who's easier to tackle, not who's easier to catch, and the answer to that is even easier.

    Chris Johnson doesn't break tackles to rack up 5 yards every carry. He gets stuffed 5 times and then takes it the length of the field. AP breaks tackles on just about every run.

    The question isn't who's a better back, who's faster, or who's more elusive. It's who's harder to tackle. And there's just about noone harder than Peterson.

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    Mar 2010
    Northwest Ohio
    ok ap or hillis???

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    Nov 2007
    CJ...easiliy. cj isn't really shiftier than AP, he's just quicker. AP would knock you out unless you go for his legs, then he'll jump over you. you can take CJ head on and be ok
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    Aug 2008
    peterson would be easier. Peterson is more likely to try and run over you than CJ
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