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    Mar 2008

    Boston and Milwaukee

    Boston Trades:
    2B Bob Dyer (MLB for ST)
    Boston's 2019 1st Round Pick (#28 Overall)

    Milwaukee Trades:
    C Pablo Sandoval (MLB)
    Florida's 2019 2nd Round Pick
    Milwaukee's 2019 1st Round Pick (#26 Overall)

    Red Sox Accept. Dyer has boosted a bit for me, so he's pretty valuable, but i need Pablo's bat in Fenway. He's the style hitter that will flourish in my park, and fills a large need for me right now. We also swap 1st rounders, so that i move up a few spots, and i get a 2nd round pick in the process, which is actually 2 spots better then where Dyer was originally from.

    I also still have a large amount of 2B in my system, so Dyer's loss won't effect my future plans at all. So i address the present, without damaging the future.

    As for the contract for Panda, I have plenty of cash and dropped significant amounts of salary from last year anyway, so i'm able to take it on easily.

    Thanks Strife

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    Apr 2008
    Brewers Accept.

    This was exactly the type of deal I was hoping to make. Get a future 2B/SS type of prospect with at least one skill of 81 or higher and good secondary skills as well out of Sandoval. Adding Florida's 2nd was a necessary incentive to getting the deal done, one which I have no problem with. Moving back a couple spots in the first hurts a bit, but this is a super deep draft and there's only a couple spots.

    Loved Sandoval. My experiment with him at C worked out fantastic for me, but Gary is damn near filled out already, and I didn't expect him to be MLB ready until at least halfway through this season, and I didn't expect him to be this filled out til ST of NEXT year.

    Power fills out in the majors a lot better than in the minors, so making room for Gary on the MLB roster was a big priority for me.

    Good dealing Boston.

    Now you can luxuriate in a nice jail cell, but if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet: I will end you.

    -Malcolm Reynolds

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