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    Quote Originally Posted by behindmydesk View Post
    . . . let Catholic people be happy for this, and let the others not worry about it.
    Only one point of view on this topic is to be allowed in the thread? Those who are unhappy about this beatification need their own thread? Just checking the parameters here. To be clear, I see no evidence of that approach until the quoted post.
    1 Kings 11:3: “He (Solomon) had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray.” -- Biblical marriage. One man, seven hundred women.

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    I just don't want this to into another evolution thread. Not that we can't have those, we have them all the time, and we can have another one just start it or bump one of the other ones. Keep it on topic about the beatification is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yendil View Post
    one is an actual scientific theory while the other is not, if you can not contemplate the difference between the two than that is your problem and is exactly what my other post was about
    Quote Originally Posted by D1RoseJM View Post
    What I am trying to say is that who lives long enough to see how life is created from scratch?
    For ****'s sake click the link:

    Quote Originally Posted by behindmydesk View Post
    This is on the pope, not evolution. Please keep it on topic.

    Not every thread needs to turn into evolution. Have another thread, and let Catholic people be happy for this, and let the others not worry about it.
    sorry....just had to get that one in there. I'm done.

    Back to the Pope! If this woman had prayed to Elvis to be cured of her disease and then she was cured....would anyone....ANYONE be annointed Elvis as a saint? I think everyone would say it's a coincidence and we'd be investigating what happened to her. But the POPE! Well he was voted leader of a group of people who wear wild robes and protect child molesters, so HE'S credible! I just don't get it. This is right on par with the weeping Virgin Mary statue or the guy who sold the Virgin Mary grilled cheese or the hundreds of other coincidences that are deemed as holy just because of the person involved.

    How is this any different?

    I am now going to pray to my dead uncle Louie that there is coffee left in the cabinet....if there is, I expect him to be annointed saint Louie....never mind that he was jewish.

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