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This isn't anything new. Erikson seems to be making more of it than it is though. If someone wants to reflect rather than pray, cool. Its just the Presiden;ts Give this some of your time". Don't like the President's views toward religion? Vote for the other candidate next time.

I didn't see a big deal with it. Erikson needs to find more substantial things to get excited about, or make a better case. As for media matters, they are for me what Glenn Beck is for the other side. I've yet to hear them make a point in a way that I agree with. They could have done so here, but failed yet again by missing the mark on Erikson. ut the larger point is that I found nothing wrong with the way the President handled this.
It seems to be is that is their point. That Erickson is attempting to find another thing to rile up the people on the religious right about Obama. I believe he thinks the religious right is feeling left out and they need to be thrown a bone, the way they claimed Obama did when they repealed DADT.