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    Does our GM do anything?

    Rozsival for Wolski? Are you kidding me? I know Wolski is not having a good season but he is still young and a good player that needs a good spark, and for Rozsival? A 32 y/o defender, that yes helps Phoenix but I believe NYR came out huge winners here. And why could we not give up Schultz or Barker for him? Theyre younger, worth more and better pieces, does our GM make any calls? They say they are shopping but I do not see how we dont even hear how a good winger is on the block

    The only thing I will give is that the GM for Phx use to be the asst for the rangers so they had a previous connection but we still could have offered better....

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    Dude settle down. We aren't gonna trade Nick Schultz because he is our second best defensemen and he has a ton of value to us. On top of that we have been winning games and generally you don't shake up a winning roster. Also no one wants Cam Barker right now.
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    Hindsight is 20/20 I did over react agreed, but this roster not stay winning for much longer and we will go back down. Wolski has good size speed and a nice wrist shot that I would have loved to see on a line with Latendress. And it just really seems like this year just like last we wont see any moves to help our future.

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    the wild are pretty hamstrung with the salary of the team right now. A lot of our players are not valuable on the trade block, due to their contracts...we have almost no flexibility. The team needs to focus on drafts to get younger, and less expensive. We are void of good young talent in the system, specifically with wing players, which is why I loved the draft this last year. I want to see this team continue to go after wing players in drafts, and the only moves I want to see made are ones that decrease our salary, and increase our felxibility.

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    Give him till this trade deadline, there are forsure a few players we have that should get us a few picks/prospoects, or even some decent players in return.

    These players must go for something in return if possible

    Kobasew, Brunette, Miettinen, Madden. Theodore is a UFA but id love to re-sign him, hes been awsome this season. I know all those 4 might not be possible to fetch anything crazy, but it will show us how interested fletcher is on pileing up picks or prospects if he trys to move those guys, next year we are still at 50 million.

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