I know there are some of you UGA fans out there, and I know we've had a rough two seasons but lets look at ways to improve the team so we can contend in the East in 2011.

First off, it starts with recruiting.
Recruits to watch:

-The coaches have got the full court press on DT Jonathan Jenkins, 4* JUCO prospect out Gulf coast CC. He's currently a very soft commit to OK State, but he's sort of opened up his recruiting and really likes UGA. At 6'4" 340 lbs, he's a perfect fit at the NT position, and our coaches have let him know that. He could make a terrance cody-like impact for us next year.

- RB Isiah Crowell is Georgia Grown and is the top ranked RB in this class. The guy is fast, but powerful. He is deciding between Bama & UGA and could make a Lattimore-like impact for the Dawgs this year. He is set to make his announcement on National Signing Day.

- DE Ray Drew is also Georgia Grown and is ranked as the 3rd best DE in this class. He could also play right away, and CTG is selling that to him.

- TE Jay Rome is a all around TE that could challenge Orson Charles for the starting job.

- Xzavier Dickson is a very soft commit to Bama and is said to have flipped a coin to choose. Still could be snagged up by Mark Richt.

The most important three IMO are Drew, Crowell, and Jenkins. I'm tired of these running back by committee RBs that can't get the job done, yes I'm talking to you Ealey, King, Samuels. Crowell could be a stud. Next, DeAngelo Tyson please go take a long walk on a short pier. The guy literally gets pushed back 5 yards every single play. He isn't a NT now, and he will never be one. Jenkins could make a huge impact for us this year. Finally, we are most likely losing Houston and Drew could step in and help make up for the lost sacks.


I'd like to see a new S&T coach. I'm tired of our players getting pounded up and down the field, and that all goes back to Strength and Conditioning. Richt fired the one the past year, but just hired one of his assistants. I'd love to get Bamas. Money talks.

If we get Jay Rome, I'd like to move Orson Charles to play purely WR. The guy is a talent, but just can't block to save his life. Charles has the speed of a WR and nice hands. He could be a solid #2 too T. King this year.

Any more suggestions? Anything less then 10 wins and I want Richt gone. I have NO faith that he can make a scheme worthy of a 10 win season anymore, and his days are numbered. I'm tired of hearing the same thing after every loss yet no changes.