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Thread: CES thread

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    Jul 2008

    CES thread

    For those of you dont know this is the time all the top tech companies show off their latest gizmo that might be release during the 2011 season It a 4 day event.

    Here are links to several gadgets already presented
    Thought it wold be fun to post any things that were showing that intrest you, thing you would buy(even if you didnt have the money) etc.

    My favorite is Smart Car Entertaiment and 3D laptop so far.

    Feel free to post any things you find interesting.

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    Aug 2006
    Motorola Droid Bionic looks really cool. Dual-Core processor and 4G LTE.

    It's funny though, Apple is getting ready to announce a Verizon iPhone and render everything that happened all week at CES completely irrelevant in comparison.

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