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    Columbia, SC

    Post up your gaming/Movie Setups

    Haven't seen this thread around and I would love to see how you guys like to game and what you feel comfortable with playing games, watching movies or sports.

    Me being a Home Theater contractor I finally decided to start working on my own setups....Here it goes I hope everyone else contributes to the thread

    Living Room: 60' LG Plasma, 7.2 Surround sound (3 In wall speakers, 4 Ceiling Speakers and 2 Subwoofers), IR/RF Emitter, Onkyo 608 Series supports 7.2 Surround Sound, 320 gb PS3, Arcade Edition Xbox 360, DirecTV HD DvR and Acoustic Research Power Conditioner

    Now as you can see no cables and no components :P where can they be? How about the closet in another part of the house

    And last but not least my bedroom set up its nothing special....I'm still setting up surround sound in here and I'm waiting for my glass wall shelves to come in the mail. I'm also getting ready to paint this room all black or dark blue because of the ****ty paint the builders used on this house it extracts finger prints and marks. Here we have. 32' RCA HDTV, Xbox 360 S 250gb, Black Nintendo Wii, 1tb External Harddrive, Xbox 360 Kinect & and normal DirecTV box(Non-HD)

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    Jul 2010
    You're setup is sick. Better than mine... and I play in a theater.

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    i got a 32' HD TV for Christmas and i just just set up my surround sound (like literally 10 minutes ago) it has 600 watts and i have a PS3

    its nowhere near as clean as yours though

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    May 2008
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    is that blue streak you're watching?

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    May 2010
    Kris Medlen's Bed
    42 inch HDTV with cords everywhere. The worst is my router/ethernet cords. Should probably take the time to fix it. Going to get a reclining couch when my income money comes in.

    The Cult of Gattis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mochalman View Post
    is that blue streak you're watching?
    No I think its Nothing To Lose.

    I also have a good setup but it still needs some work

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    Jul 2008
    32 Vizio, turtlebeach headphone and video game chair.

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