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    Cam Extension - 5 years, $103.8M; $60M guaranteed

    Makes a lot of sense for both sides, I think. Chocked full of guaranteed money in the first three years. Not an overly burdening AAV though.

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    I'm perfectly happy with this deal and glad it got done before the season started. It would have been a distraction if it didn't get done now and the Panthers didn't need that. I also like that they kept it on the down low until it was basically done. That way you avoid a circus like what's happening with Wilson and the Seahawks. I saw on twitter that it took 11 days to get the deal done so that's a pretty long time to keep it quiet.

    I'm also glad he signed before Wilson. I'm sure Wilson will want more than Cam now because he thinks he's better (I don't agree). I think the Seahawks realize that he's not worth elite money otherwise they would have already paid him. So it will be interesting to see what happens there now.

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    I'm perfectly content with this. People keep saying we won't have money, but this is a bargain and we haven't had money since drafting Cam so we anyway know we'll new alright. Hell, just getting away from Hurney's contacts should be enough to negate Cam's deal.

    I'm gonna be interested to see what Wilson and Luck get. Luck has had hype since he was 19 and backed up a good bit of it, so he'll have leverage out the ***. Wilson has a SB ring and 2 NFC wins so he'll have a lot of arguments.

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