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    SEC Roundup after Week 3

    Just a look at the conference after 3 weeks


    Clearly the cream of the crop not only in the SEC but the entire country. They have outscored Michigan, Arkansas and Western Kentucky 128-14.


    If Alabama is clearly the best then LSU is clearly second best. They have been rolling teams as well. But the thing here for me is that they have been doing it entirely with defense and running the football. They have yet had to throw the ball and that is what they are gonna have to do to beat Alabama.


    Well so far so good for Georgia. The next 3 weeks are big for the Bulldogs. They play Vanderbilt next week and here lately Vandy has played them tough. After that they have Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida in 3 of the next 4 weeks.


    I honestly didn't expect them to be 3-0 at this point. I was worried about them having a real bad year but now its looking like they are gonna be a 8-10 win team. Jeff Driskel is getting better.... I don't expect them to beat LSU or Florida State but the rest of the games are looking good.


    What a difference a couple days makes.... Friday on sports talk radio they were talking about how UT was gonna beat Florida by multiple tds and that the Vols were back to win the SEC East. Now tonight they are saying that Dooley needs to be fired.... They still have a ton of winnable games and to finish 8-4 wouldn't be bad at all.

    South Carolina

    Next week against Missouri will let us know where these teams stand in the conference. South Carolina got outplayed by Vandy opening week but has blasted East Carolina and Florida Atlantic the last two weeks. But they should have....


    Right now they are in a battle with Arizona State and they have to win that game or else they gonna be in a tough spot. They don't want to be 1-2 with games left against South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and Texas A&M. It would look bad on them to miss a bowl bid their first season in the SEC.


    Losing that close game to South Carolina and just losing to Northwestern in general hurts their season. As it sits right now I can see them going at best 5-7 unless they upset somebody along the way. The good news is that Missouri, Tennessee and Auburn are all seemingly winnable games for them to pull off the upset. Also on an interesting note they made a quarterback change today and beat Presbyterian 58-0.


    Who will be their new head coach.... They lost to Western Kentucky 32-31 and unless they make a bowl game that will cost Joker Phillips his job. I'm sure they can understand a loss to ranked rival Louisville and tough SEC games but losing to your little brother in WKU isn't allowed.... Especially when you throw the ball 60 times with just 42 yards rushing against a Sun Belt team. That would be like Florida losing to Florida Atlantic. Right now looking at the schedule Samford may be the only game left that they win.

    Miss State

    They are looking good so far due to that win over Auburn. If they can beat Tennessee in October they will likely go into Alabama with a 7-0 record and a good ranking. If they keep playing this way and can beat Tennessee and A&M they could be looking at a 9-10 win season.

    Texas A&M

    Well A&M sure has looked good for their first SEC season. And it looks like they may be good for awhile.... They have Redshirt Freshman Johnny Manziel. He is legit. In 2 games he has 43-66 for 367 yards 4 tds passing and 184 yards and 2 tds rushing. They have an easy schedule this year and will very likely be 6-1 going into that game against LSU. Honestly it looks like 9-3 is very possible with Miss State, LSU and Alabama being the only bumps left on the way.


    It looks like you got Miss State and A&M going up while Arkansas and Auburn are coming down. People wondered how this team would look without Bobby Petrino. Well they look horrible. They lost to Louisiana-Monroe last week and this week got ran out of town 52-0 by Alabama. They are now looking to be in a spot where they must beat Rutgers, Ole Miss, Auburn and either A&M/Miss State just to get to 6 wins.


    Its looking more and more like Chizik could be gone. Nearly his entire coaching staff left in the offseason. They lost their opening game to Clemson. They lost last week to Miss State by 18 in a game where Miss State said afterwards they knew the plays and Chizik pretty much acted like he didn't care. Now this week they get lucky in overtime to beat Louisiana-Monroe. They are in the same spot as Arkansas where they are possibly an upset away from missing a bowl birth as well.

    Ole Miss

    They went into this week 2-0 and are now getting beat by Texas which was expected. But they don't look as bad as the last couple years. They still will likely only win 4-5 games unless they can upset somebody like Auburn or Arkansas which looks very possible right now.

    Marcus Mariota

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    good analysis. i agree about lsu, its always the same team, great defense and good run game and no passing. lsu is always overrated because of that, i remember the first year tebow started they lost to lsu only by 4 points but its because miles kept going for it on 4th and 1 and getting it. i knew florida would kill them next year.

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