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    Rob Bolden to transfer from Penn St

    Quarterback Rob Bolden will seek a transfer from Penn State, his father told multiple media outlets Sunday.

    Robert Bolden Sr. told the website that his son has informed the Nittany Lions coaches of his intentions.

    "They're not looking for him to leave, they don't want him to leave, but he no longer wants to play at Penn State," Bolden Sr. said. "He's not happy at Penn State currently. If it was up to me, he definitely [would leave], without a doubt. He's definitely made it known that he does not want to be there anymore."

    So far, they don't have any QBs coming in. This is a talented and young team. Do they go with McGloin or redshirt freshman Paul Jones? Also, anyone have any idea where he might end up?

    Edit: Meant this for the Big 10 forum
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    I would just go with McGloin for now.


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    Even though McGloin threw 67 Interceptions in the bowl game, he seems to be there best bet now...

    I felt they should have played Bolden still, he is still raw talent.

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