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ahh right on. funny story, I went to Rennies for my 21st birthday (midnight run), i had been going there the whole time with a fake, went in early in the night with a fake, came out right at midnight and then went back in with my real ID. The bouncers and I both had a chuckle...

Word up to off campus. The dorms BLOW. I lived in Bean (literally rated the worst dorm in America by the Princeton Review, it was originally built as a juvenile detention center, but the U of O got too big too fast, so in the middle of the construction the made them into dorms). I moved off campus ASAP, first year up on Moss St. by Prince Pucklers , 2nd year on Emerald by the track, and senior year in an apartment off of 12th by the hospital. I never thought I would say this but... God, I miss Eugene
Haha that's awesome, maybe I'll try the same thing on my 21st!

Yeah, the only thing about the dorms is they throw you into campus-life and you meet a lot of people. That's the main thing I loved about them, I was so scared of college but so was everyone else, which made me feel better. Thankfully, my room-mate wasn't slob or a tool, so that made it bearable as well. I've been to Bean a few times, and you're 100% correct! There's a few dorms that need to be fixed up imo, because in comparison to the LLC it isn't even close. I stayed in Barnhart which is actually pretty nice, but I just like having more say in my routine than being in a dorm in closed quarters.

I couldn't imagine not living in Eugene now, my parents always tell me how fortunate I am to not live elsewhere. I'm sure you guessed but I was born in Boston, so my family has lived in the East and West and they all would much rather be on the West. I was too young to really remember much from my time in Boston, so my opinion may be biased toward Eugene haha