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    ... and i forgot to add that our special teams looked amazing. Cliff Harris is the man.

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    The best interview was Kelly at the end of the game. The reporter said something like, "You guys looked a little behind out there." Kelly says, "But we won the game, and thats all that counts."

    Love him, and my ducks
    Conductor of the Zion Wall

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    Quote Originally Posted by haggis View Post
    So... to wrap up our game. Yes, it was a semi-disappointment, other than Kelly's halftime interview. That was pure gold. What I learned from the Oregon/Cal game: Our defense is pretty damn good, when needed our offense can slow the ball down and eat clock (as witnessed in the 4th quarter), penalities will kill us (we had a lot of boneheaded mistakes/calls). Other than that, Oregon doesn't need any more style points we did that earlier this year, we just need to win out and we're in the NC *fingers crossed*...
    Our defense really stepped up that game. Too bad our offense couldn't do sh-t or we might have had a chance. I was really hoping I'd be able to storm the field haha

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