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    Post Your Pre-Season Top 10

    College football is almost back, and fall camp will be starting very soon. So, I thought it would be cool to get college football discussion kicked off.

    My top ten:
    1. Alabama Crimson Tide - They are the easy pick. 2 time defending champs, and returning many contributors. I believe they will not win the title since it is hard to win 3 in a row, but for now they deserve to be ranked here. They did lose a lot of great players, but they are always reloading with more great talent. At some point it may catch up with them though.

    2. Oregon Ducks - Definitely a homer pick, but they definitely deserve consideration. I know many are concerned about losing Chip, and that is a valid concern. I believe Helfrich will do great things, but it is asking a lot to replace Chip. However, the system is in-place, and Oregon returns a ton of talent on offense and defense. Besides the Helfrich question mark, the other thing to watch is how Oregon's linebackers do with the losses of Alonso, Clay, and Jordan.

    3. Stanford Cardinal - Two out of the top 3 being Pac-12 teams? Yeah, I really believe this is fair. Stanford has an offensive line littered with former 5 star and 4 star recruits, and it should be even better this year. Stanford has one of the best defenses in college football, and they proved that against the Ducks. Hogan is also a developing QB, and year 2 under Shaw should push him to greater heights. Their biggest question marks center around finding more playmakers, and just how much better will Hogan be. An argument could be made for being number 2.

    4. Georgia Bulldogs - Georgia has a lot of talent coming back offensively, and Murray is one of the best QBs in the country. I also believe Georgia has the best group of running backs in the country. Their biggest question marks center around replacing talent on defense, and whether Richt can take Georgia a step further in the tough SEC. He's done great things, but they haven't gotten over the hump yet. Talent is not going to be a problem though.

    5. Ohio State Buckeyes - I am skeptical of them. Many people think they could be number one, but I just don't see that. Braxton Miller is a special player, but Meyer needs to keep on building that team to reach the heights he had at Florida. They won a lot of close games last year in a weak Big 10. They won the games, but it could very well have gone the other way. Plus, I think the Big 10 should be a little bit better since it can't get much worse.

    Rest of the top ten:
    6. South Carolina Gamecocks
    7. Texas A&M Aggies
    8. Clemson Tigers
    9. Louisville Cardinals
    10. Florida State Seminoles

    Post your top ten, and feel free to rip mine apart!
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    Bama Enough said

    OSU because they probably won't lose a game with that pathetic schedule

    South Carolina

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    1. Alabama - I actually don't think it will be that tough for Alabama to win the NC again. Basically because they can do it for the 3rd straight year with a loss. The reason it seems so tough is because teams used to have to go undefeated but if Bama is allowed one mulligan again I like there chances.

    2. OSU - Schedule is pretty soft especially w/ Wisconsin having a new HC. I think Northwestern will knock them off though.

    3. Stanford - Return a lot of starters. Have been pretty consistent the last few years.

    4. South Carolina - Return the best player in the nation. If they can get past Georgia early the schedule sets up pretty nice for them to build momentum into home games against UF and Clemson in November.

    5. Oregon - I'm always weary of teams with new coaches. Pretty vanilla schedule though so it's not like they will lose more than 2 games in the reg season.

    6. Georgia - Rebuilding a lot on defense but should have one of the better offenses in the country. Brutal early schedule with 3 top 10 teams in the first month.

    7. Texas A&M - It will be interesting with losses on the O-line if that affects Manziel's ability to scramble. Every time I think things like this though it's never as big of a deal as it seems. They won't be sneaking up on anybody this year though.

    8. Louisville - Decent team, easy schedule.

    9. Clemson - Decent team, not so easy schedule

    10. FSU - New QB but they have plenty of talent. Schedule isn't daunting but road trips to Clemson and UF will be tough.
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    1.Alabama (I'm not sure they'll win three in a row, but they have to be no. 1 by default)
    2.Ohio State
    3.South Carolina
    4.Texas A&M
    8.Florida State
    10.Michigan (the Big 12 won't be too hot this year. Their only tough games are Notre Dame, OSU, and maybe a road game at Northwestern. They could easily end up with 10-11 wins)

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    I'm doing my rankings in an effort to be accurate when the season ends (before the bowl games at least). I don't think Ohio State is the second BEST team in the country, but I think they'll finish there. And in a way that's what matters in the end.

    1. Alabama
    2. Ohio State
    3. Florida State
    4. Texas
    5. Oregon
    6. Georgia
    7. Louisville
    8. South Carolina
    9. Clemson
    10. USC

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    (going by what think final rankings after conferance but before bowl)

    1. Oregon
    2. LSU
    3. South Carolina
    4. Alabama
    5. Ohio State
    6. Stanford
    7. Florida State
    8. Georgia
    9. Texas
    10. UCLA

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