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1.) Joba was completely misused time-after-time and that's not Eilands fault.

2.) AJ still has the stuff, but in his case it's mental. You can't really blame Eiland for not being able to get through to AJ when I doubt even a shrink could.

3.) Javy couldn't handle the pressure in his first stint. Hell, Eiland wasn't even on the team at the time. Javy struggled under Mel Stottlemyre.

4.) Ian Kennedy was very young and the fans should look in the mirror if they want anyone to blame for what he did. He started out great, but he said ONE thing and the fans went freaking crazy after him (when he said he didn't think he did that bad). After that fans wanted his blood. Stupid, stupid fans. Kennedy only worked with Eiland for about 40 innings. That's way too small of a sample size. Besides, why should anyone complain when he was used to get Curtis Granderson?

5.) You're seriously going to complain about Wang? Every Yankee fan knows that Wang's downfall was that inter-league game vs. the Astros when he hurt his foot rounding the bases. Ever since then he wound up over compensating for his hurt foot, which lead to shoulder problems, which lead to them not keeping him. You can't blame Eiland for Wang getting hurt.

This is just a thread where people like to complain...
How many threads do we have in this forum that no one complains?

Any pitching coach can impart the best training and advice, but at the end of the day, they're not the one who goes on the mound and pitches. Or, in the case of Wang, I doubt it's even Dave Eiland's responsibility to teach him how to properly run the base paths, or round the bases.