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    Mock Offseason Rules/Announcements

    Alright well here's the deal for those of you that haven't participated in one of these before. It's basically PSD's version of the MLB offseason. Every team has a GM or two, they are allowed to make trades, sign free agents, etc. Each team will have a cap number, but they will also have the ability to get more cap space as time goes on through articles, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. When the time comes, the participants will vote on the playoff teams, to which we will then move the voting to the MLB forum for the playoffs. Last year we had an 8 team playoffs, this year we're going with a preliminary number of 6, but that's not set in stone. Along with the playoffs, there will also be a voting for best future and best GM, due to the fact that some teams will obviously have different goals than others.

    We'll start off with check-in, team options, and the creation of clubhouses and trade blocks. After that I'll do arbitration and allow a few days for teams to negotiate contracts exclusively with their own free agents. After that, we'll open up free agency. It's going to be my job to sign the free agents to the teams, and I will try to factor in everything that the actual free agents will be thinking. If you're mad that you didn't get a free agent that you thought you should, I'm sorry but I don't care. If you complain excessively, you will be fined payroll.

    A few side notes

    If you notice mistakes with your team, such as a player that should be making the minimum that I have in arbitration, let me know, I would bet that I have made a few mistakes, so it wouldn't surprise me.

    All free agents and team salaries were taken from Cot's Baseball Contracts. You can find a full list of the Free Agents there.

    I posted this in the Trades/Free Agent Signings thread as well, but when you send in a trade, make sure you include BOTH TEAMS PAYROLLS before and after the deal. Here's an example of what the trades should look like when sent to me.

    Team 1 Gets

    Player Name, Amount of money he's making in 2011

    Old Team Salary
    New Team Salary

    Team 2 Gets

    Player Name, Amount of money he's making in 2011

    Old Team Salary
    New Team Salary

    If the trades aren't submitted in this format, they will not be submitted, I will message you telling you to resubmit them in the correct format.

    In some circumstances (Mike Stanton for Brandon Inge as an example) I will veto trades. If you complain about your trade being vetoed, you will be fined payroll.
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