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Thread: Power Rankings

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    Lightbulb Power Rankings

    I think its time we get some Power Rankings going! Whats a mock without PR's

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    NL Power Rankings

    NL East
    1. Philadelphia Phillies- I honestly think this is much worse than the team the Phillies fielded last year, however, this division sucks so they take take the top spot. The rotation takes a big hit by replacing Oswalt with Lohse. I don’t think the lineup is improved in the least bit. Reynolds is about the same as Howard, Rasmus is probably worse than Victorino right now (but better for the future), and I think Domonic Brown is a poor starter at this point based on what he showed last year. All in all, I see this team exiting in the first round of the playoffs.
    2. New York Mets- This is an improved team, but the offense is anemic. Adding Price and Cain to the top of the rotation was great, but the rest of the rotation is less than inspiring. I don’t see Dickey repeating last year based on his track record. Offensively, you don’t know what Beltran and Bay can offer anymore. I think Hall’s season last year was a bit of an aberration as well, and no one outside of David Wright really scares me. This team needs to make several moves to be considered a contender.
    3. Atlanta Braves- The Braves have started a (sort of) rebuilding process, but they’re still a decent team. I don’t know how I feel about Hanson as the #1 starter, but they have a lot of quality in the back end of the rotation. I don’t think the lineup is any worse, heck, it might even be better than what they had last year, depending on who the end up with in CF. I still like Aramis, Castro and Heyward will only get better, Quentin was a huge get, and Prado and McCann are still forces. If this team adds another good bat or a #1/2 starter, I could see them passing the Mets.
    4. Florida Marlins- This team hasn’t made very many moves. I liked that they picked up Upton, but trading JJ to do so hurts bad. Like the Braves, the Marlins don’t really have a #1 starter at the top of their rotation. I feel like the lineup is solid, but nothing really pops out (other than Hanley, of course). I think this team is probably a ways off from the Braves.
    5. Washington Nationals- The Nationals have started a full-on rebuild, which included trading their franchise player, Ryan Zimmerman. This team obviously has no chance whatsoever of making any noise in the Mock, but maybe they can win best future or something.

    NL Central
    1. Cincinnati Reds- They haven’t made too many moves yet. They have maintained the dominant pitching staff that won them the central last year, and have the same lineup. Not much to say here, they’re still a team that can win the division, but probably don’t have a legitimate hope to win anything.
    2. Chicago Cubs- I love the job done with the Cubs here. It’s the same “meh” rotation from last year, but the lineup appears to have been improved. While I wasn’t a real big fan of the Braves trade since we don’t know how healthy Chipper will ever be again, adding a potentially strong bat in Gamel, a solid 1B stopgap in Nick Johnson, and Corey Patterson should help improve this team. They’re still a ways from winning this division, but appear to be on the right track.
    3. Pittsburgh Pirates- The Pirates in the upper half of their division? This is obviously an aberration since two teams don’t have updated clubhouses, but I think the Pirates have added a couple of pieces that make them a little better. They have an OK rotation, nothing particularly special, and basically the same lineup other than adding Bourne and Bartlett through a couple of solid trades. I don’t think this is even a .500 team, but its better than what the Pirates usually field.
    4. Houston Astros- This is a pretty lame team. Its seems they’ve given some effort towards a rebuild, but they continue to bring in guys like Alex Gonzalez and Aaron Rowand, which makes it very puzzling. I don’t see this team going anywhere at all.
    5. St. Louis Cardinals- No clubhouse
    6. Milwaukee Brewers- No clubhouse

    NL West
    1. Los Angeles Dodgers- This is my favorite out west right now. They did a good job adding guys like DeJesus and Berkman to their lineup. I also liked their deal for Soria, which allows Billingsley to move into a setup role with a little less pressure. They lack a bonafide ace, but I think the staff is solid enough to get the job done. Easily a contender in the NL.
    2. San Francisco Giants- For whatever reason, this team has taken a bit of a step back to build towards the future. They brought in guys who appear to have very bright futures like Ike Davis, but I don’t know what their contribution can/will be right now. I think they’re counting far too much on Angel Pagan, who probably isn’t going to duplicate what he did last year. I don’t know how much Aubrey Huff’s defense in LF either. Trading Cain obviously hurts the rotation, but they have the pieces to still have a very good rotation. This is probably the Wild Card team right now.
    3. San Diego Padres- I still believe this is a strong team, but last year was probably a bit of an aberration considering the talent level on this team. They still have a chance to win their division, but not at the current time considering they haven’t made any moves at all. They need to improve fast if they want to win this division.
    4. Colorado Rockies- Again, the Rockies have a solid team that could make some noise, but they have yet to make any moves. This team has the potential to improve, but right now, its just mediocre.
    5. Arizona Diamondbacks- Is there any doubt that this is the worst team in the West? Their rotation is beyond horrible, and the lineup has no threats other than Ryan Howard and Stephen Drew. This team has been managed terribly, and has suffered as a result.
    On Cam Newton:

    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    So it's official.

    This jerk off is going to be the first QB taken in the first round (or maybe the first 5) in the modern era to throw less than 300 passes at DI level. and he might go #1 overall.


    Nfl scouting is a joke.

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    AL West:
    1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
    The Angels already had a pretty solid team. Now they have added 4 quality bats to the lineup and Timmy Hudson to the rotation. They have a very solid bullpen. What sets this team ahead of Texas and Oakland for me is their depth. They don't really have any holes where as the others do. I think they can improve with getting a Left Handed Starting Pitcher in the rotation but other than that this team's a contender, very well balanced.

    2. Texas Rangers
    The rotation is pretty meh outside of Cliff Lee. You guys have glaring holes at 3B and Catcher. And your bullpen is really weak. There's still plenty of time to improve this team and take back the division luckily for you. You have made some nice moves however, Victorino and Andrus at the top of the lineup for Cruz, Hamilton and Kinsler definitely will produce some runs. I wasn't a big fan of picking up Matsui and losing Vlad but it's not a huge downgrade. Strengthen your rotation first and foremost and see what you can do with the bullpen. Offense won't be your problem it's your pitching that hurts you, Lee won't pitch every game for you guys.

    3. Oakland Athletics
    Your 3rd just barely. You've improved this team quite a bit. Greinke and Edwin at home are going to be a tough win for opponents. Your rotation is filthy, and the bullpen is pretty good as well. Your offense is improved, but your still missing that impact bat. You have a handful of very solid bats, but your missing the run producer in the middle. Grandy, Hudson, Byrd I assume is the top of your order. And that's solid with lots of speed, this is gonna be a small ball team with good pitching and defense. I just see you guys having a hard time keeping up with the Rangers and Angels high powered lineups. One of the most improved teams though. Great work.

    4. Seattle Mariners
    Surprise, Surprise. You have one of the better defensive teams around, so that's something. And you have one of the best pitchers in the game. But the offense still isn't there. I liked the Loney deal for you. And we'll just have to see what else you pull out as the mock goes along, but I don't see you really jumping ahead of anyone of these other 3 teams.

    AL Central:
    1. Detroit Tigers
    Tigers have been tearing it up every trade and signing they have made so far. Bringing in Mark Ellis, Jesus Flores, Ryan Zimmerman and Shin-Soo Choo to go with Miggy makes for a potent offense. The rotation is pretty decent. Nothing crazy but definitely good enough to win them games. Their bullpen's not too bad either, once again it's good enough to win some games. I think they can obviously improve the Rotation, and adding a proven reliever would help solidify their chances at the division. Overall a very good job to this point.

    2. Chicago White Sox
    This team is right up there with Detroit. Adding Prince Fielder, Victor Martinez and Ryan Ludwick to a team that already liked to bang the long ball is scary. It's one of the best offenses in the league. Pitching will be your downfall though. Obviously you gotta add another quality arm to the rotation, and the bullpen is pretty iffy to me. If you improve your pitching I think you jump ahead of Detroit. If not you have a great chance at the wildcard. Great moves to this point.

    3. Minnesota Twins
    Even though you won the division last year. Your opponents wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again, and their doing a damn good job at it. Despite losing alot of your team to Free Agency, your bullpen is still strong. You improved the lineup a little bit, Sanchez over Hudson's a slight upgrade and Aviles has got some promise, but overall it's still the same lineup and while it's good, it's nowhere near the White Sox or Tigers. Having Morneau back will definitely help. But just like the theme for the rest of you division your rotation isn't up to par. I think you have some nice young arms, but noone really dominant. You need to get that game changing starter to give yourself a chance. You have the pieces to do it IMO, I think you need to make something happen because like we saw in the playoffs, the Twins were nowhere near the quality of the Yankees, and that themes going to continue if something isn't done.

    4. Kansas City Royals
    You guys have made some pretty nice moves. Montero, Carter, Cahill and even Josh Outman gives the Royals some hope for the future. One of if not the best farms in baseball got stronger due to your moves. Future is looking good for KC but obviously not this year. Tech N9ne as the manager is a move that flies under most people radar but I think it just might be crazy enough to work.

    5. Cleveland Indians
    You probably could have gotten more in some of your trades, but you haven't done a bad job by any means IMO. Your a rebuilder in a great division so don't take the 5th place ranking personally. Freese, LaPorta, Santana, Brantly and Donald are already pretty good so you have a young nucleas intact. Your bullpen's got some nice pieces, and your farms got lots of potential. Indians won't be good for awhile but they have the pieces to potentially compete again after a few seasons. Getting rid of Sizemore was absolutely the right move.

    AL East:
    1. New York Yankees
    This team was already scary, factor in that Johan Santana and CC Sabathia are pitching on the same staff, and it's not the All-Star game...The East should be terrified. I don't care if its only for half a season Johan will be there down the stretch and the postseason when it matters most. Lilly was a great pickup as well. Your BP is pretty solid, Id look to upgrade there however. Lineup is still awesome. I personally loved the Sweeney pickup. Yanks are looking really good. Nice work.

    2. Tampa Bay Rays
    It's between you and the White Sox for the wildcard spot right now. Im giving you guys the edge. Not only is this team capable of contending now, their setup to dominate in the future. Shields-Garza-Matusz-Hughes-Hellickson and Davis is completely Jose Reyes and Jayson Werth were great pickups. If you can bring back Pena this team is really scary. The bullpen is still pretty good. Id try and pickup another stud there though. Absolutely a great job to this point.

    3. Boston Red Sox
    Picking up Holliday was huge. But it doesn't put you ahead of Tampa or New York. Still got a strong rotation, with a really good bullpen. This teams very balanced. It's just not as good as the 2 teams ahead of you. I think you could use a real leadoff hitter and then move everyone else down 1 spot in the order. You've done a solid job, but not enough to top your opponents. You've still got time to make something happen though, so we'll see what you come up with.

    4. Toronto Blue Jays
    You haven't made many moves. But with your team, I think thats the smart play. You've got a very nice future rotation. Adding Manny to protect Bautista was a smart move. Manny can still hit, and DHing him takes away any liabilty in the field. Your big concern is the bullpen. It basically blows. Improving the BP would be my advice. Also, I like the Coco pickup. He adds some speed to a lineup deprived of it.

    5. Baltimore Orioles
    By default here are the O's yet again. You've made good moves like picking up Trumbo, and getting Howie Kendrick helps your chances going forward definitely. But trading away Markakis and especially Matusz hurts, badly. Like Ive said before, I get why you did it, but still it wasn't good. You've got a scary fast OF. And the specs to compete in a few years. You've set your team up for the future but it won't show in this mock earning you last place, along side with you play in the best division in baseball. Id think a little harder before you make your next move is all Ill say.

    Overall Rankings:
    1. New York Yankees
    2. Tampa Bay Rays
    3. Detroit Tigers
    4. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
    5. Chicago White Sox
    6. Boston Red Sox
    7. Texas Rangers
    8. Oakland Athletics
    9. Minnesota Twins
    10. Toronto Blue Jays
    11. Seattle Mariners
    12. Kansas City Royals
    13. Baltimore Orioles
    14. Cleveland Indians

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    National League

    NL East
    1. Philadelphia Phillies- Not as good of a Phillies team as the one that was sported in the playoffs this year but I do feel that they are still the team to beat in the East. Took a big step back...

    2. Atlanta Braves- Edited. On second thought they are better than the Mets. They took a step back losing their #1 starter but the offense is still good if not better than it used to be. And their pitching is still pretty solid although not their strong point any longer. Their pen is inexperienced but pretty solid. Great future though

    3. New York Mets- Rotation is one of the best in baseball but the offense is just too limited IMO to do any damage. I still like them

    4. Florida Marlins- Pitching is too bad to give the Braves-Mets-Phillies a run

    5. Washington Nationals- Strasburg is injured and Zimmerman is off the team. Just can't see them doing much at all. Rebuilding process... hope it goes well

    NL Central
    1. St. Louis Cardinals- Not completely updated clubhouse, but I think they are the team to beat in the entire National League.

    2. Cincinnati Reds- Good/Great offense but pitching is VERY lacking.

    3. Chicago Cubs- I like what they did but the pitching is just awful!

    4. Pittsburgh Pirates- Really like what he has done with limited resources. Thinks he should get some votes for best GM, not for putting up the best future or putting up the best team... but just what he did in general. I think they will be pretty good in a few years. They have a good mix of players. Some teams completely rebuild and I feel that usually fails because you get the Rays complex then, not enough leadership or veterans. They gave a good mix of both which I like. Did not give up McCutchen and is building around him. Good job!

    5. Houston Astros- Honestly... it is not a good team. Sorry but it just isn't.

    6. Milwaukee Brewers- No clubhouse

    NL West
    1. San Francisco Giants- Biased opinion but, I honestly think that my team is still a top team in the NL and still the top team in the division. The offense has taken a huge step forward and the pitching has not changed too much with the addition of Jaimie Garcia instead of Cain. I am counting on a lot of guys (Torres, Pagan, Huff, etc.) but they have shown that they can handle it. Pagan, people might not like but he put up a 3.0 WAR in limited time two years ago and a 4.8 WAR playing full time last year. No reason why he can't keep it up. Ike Davis is a great defensive 1B and will only get better with playing time. Huff in LF does hurt the defense but hey, the OF does look a lot better than it did with the World Series Giants team. And the pitching is outstanding...

    2. Los Angeles Dodgers- Pitching is good but honestly I think the offense is too big of a question mark to rank over the Giants. But then again it is a biased opinion as I am the Giants GM. I just do not like the idea of hitting Lance Berkman 4th especially after the past few years he has had. You also have to consider that he played in Houston and now he plays in the Dodgers stadium. Also the offense took a huge step back in real life, so, while you are wondering if the Giants players can play like they used to... You are also wondering if the Dodgers players can rebound. And that is a huge question mark. And a lot of their players are coming back from injury also... Too much of a Question Mark in my opinion... But easily the WC team.

    3. Colorado Rockies- The NL West got stronger and they stayed the same... Not a good thing considering that you missed out on the division anyways

    4. 3. San Diego Padres- Honestly they made like no move... hard to really rank a team amongst the best when you make little to no moves. Especially when the other teams in your division have gotten stronger, and you missed the playoffs the year prior anyways.

    5. Arizona Diamondbacks- Had they kept Josh Johnson then they would've made some noise and could have been 3rd potentially... but they traded him away and then traded Braun away. This is now just a very terrible team. Offense is still "okay" but the overall team is pretty terrible.

    Honestly right now I'd have to say the overall rankings are

    1. STL Cardinals: Think they are favorites in this league
    2. SF Giants: Biased maybe, but I feel the pitching and offense is good enough to carry us through
    3. Philadelphia Phillies: The pitching took a step back and so did the offense... but still a good team.
    4. Dodgers: A solid team
    5. Reds: Good but pitching is a big question mark
    6. Rockies: Good team, good potential, big question mark
    7. Braves: Pitching took a step back. Offense took a step forward. Great future but very risky.
    8. Padres: They are a good young team, big question mark though
    9. Mets: Great pitching, no offense...
    10. Pirates: Really like what they've done
    11. Marlins: Not good, but not as terrible as others
    12. Astros: Very very bad...
    13. Nationals: Bad but there are worst
    14. D'Backs: Very bad team... Had they kept Johnson, maybe not as bad.
    15. Brewers: I feel they belong in the upper level, but do not know who is in their team right now
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    National League Power Rankings

    NL East


    Key Additions - Colby Rasmus, Mark Reynolds, Josh Willingham

    Key Departures - Ryan Howard, Roy Oswalt, Jayson Werth

    You made a lot of moves to offer a max contract to Werth, when you probably would have been better off holding onto those pieces until after Werth signed and trading them off then. Ryan Dempster is good, but clearly declining, which makes the pitching staff as a whole worse than last year.


    Key Additions - David Price, Matt Cain, Dan Uggla

    Key Departures - Johan Santana, Angel Pagan, Mike Pelfrey

    First off, I really loved the Johan trade. I feel you didn't get enough credit for trading a overpaid player coming off another injury and clearly declining for a couple of good young arms. The Cain deal was another big win. However, I feel you made mistakes very similar to the Phillies, which was putting too much stock in free agency. When you struck out on Dunn, your team really took a hit. The positive? You'll have a ton of money to spend next year.


    Key Additions - Starlin Castro, Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Quentin

    Key Departures - Chipper Jones, Tim Hudson, Omar Infante

    Probably the most curious case of the league. You had a young, contending team with the farm pieces to make big moves, and you retooled by trading away your ace and the face of the franchise. In the long run, this might not be a bad move. But for right now, it doesn't look too good.


    Key Additions - Justin Upton, Chad Qualls, Daniel Hudson

    Key Departures - Dan Uggla, Josh Johnson

    You made one trade and one free agent signing, so not much changed, but all in all there was a lot more that needed to be done for this team to be competitive. The offense is young and will get better as time goes on, but the pitching staff is pretty shaky after Nolasco.


    Key Additions - Jacob Turner, Rick Porcello, Tyler Skaggs

    Key Departures - Ryan Zimmerman, Adam Dunn, Jesus Flores

    The Zimmerman trade set up a bad all around offseason in my opinion. A player of his caliber should never be traded so early in the offseason, especially seeing how willing people were to move prospects. Also, if Zimmerman had stayed, Washington might have been a more desirable sport for free agents.

    NL Central


    Key Additions - Carl Crawford, Adam Dunn, Chipper Jones

    Key Departures - Ryan Dempster, Starlin Castro, Aramis Ramirez

    A lot of people don't like what the Cubs have done this offseason, and moving Castro might have been a regrettable move, but I see this team as the best team in the NL Central as of right now. The lineup got much better, and shed some ugly contracts in Soriano and Fukudome, and the pitching staff is, in my opinion, underrated.


    Key Additions - Roy Oswalt, Ichiro Suzuki, Kelly Johnson

    Key Departures - Brandon Phillips, Edinson Volquez, Aaron Harang

    Even though a couple of trades probably didn't go in your favor, you didn't lose anything of value to you this season. Volquez is a lose, but considering you got Oswalt who showed he can still be dominant on a good team, I'd say you made out well there, and Ichiro, Stubbs and Bruce makes a really stellar defensive outfield.


    Key Additions - Edinson Volquez, Nick Markakis, Clay Buchholz

    Key Departures - Matt Holliday, David Freese, Colby Rasmus

    Well the situation here is pretty simple, the pitching staff got much better while the lineup got much worse. Guys like Grady Sizemore and Nick Markakis are going to have to prove that they can hit again, otherwise you'll be stuck with Pujols being walked 3 times a game. However, with money available, you can probably still improve the lineup, so I'm not counting you out yet.


    Key Additions - Josh Johnson, John Danks, Michael Young

    Key Departures - Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun

    You added some good arms, but completely ruined you lineup. You might however, be better off in the long run because of these moves. If you can add some hitting in the next few years your team won't be in terrible shape, especially if Weeks and MeGehee continue what they've showed last season.


    Key Additions - Chris Perez, J.A. Happ, Michael Bourn

    Key Departures - Joel Hanrahan, Jose Tabata

    You did exactly what a team in your positions should have done, made a couple of low risk signings and traded away unnecessary pieces to better then future of the franchise. If Alvarez, Lincoln and Walker are for real, you might have yourself a pretty good team.


    Key Additions - Jose Tabada, Shelby Miller, Martin Perez, Michael Taylor

    Key Departures - Michael Bourn, Hunter Pence

    Looking at what you did this offseason as a whole is pretty impressive, especially since a lot of people thought you got off to a bumpy start. You have a guy in Tabada who can really be a special player, and about 5 power arms to go along with him. For the first time in a looonnggg time, the future looks bright in Houston.

    NL West


    Key Additions - David DeJesus, Joakim Soria, Lance Berkman

    Key Departures - James Loney, Ted Lilly, Vicente Padilla

    All in all you probably had the best offseason in the NL. You made a lot of his upside moves that in the end won't tie you down in the long term. You didn't trade Dee, Trayvon or Jerry and you added to an already good bullpen with a top closer in baseball and, and, and YOU GOT RID OF JAMES LONEY!


    Key Additions - Angel Pagan, Ike Davis, Jaime Garcia

    Key Departures - Juan Uribe, Matt Cain

    The Matt Cain deal, in my opinion, was pretty much one of the more crushing moves of the offseason. You made some great smaller moves, like bringing back Aubrey Huff, but you never recovered from trading an elite pitcher for a nice 1B and an outfielder who will probably not be nearly as good as he was last year.


    Key Additions - None

    Key Departures - Jorge De La Rosa

    You did nothing, but you're still the third best team in the division.


    Key Additions - Marcus Thames, Eric Bedard

    Key Departures - Ryan Ludwick

    This rankings isn't indicative of what you did this offseason, but moreso of how the Padres overachieved in 2010. You made a couple of smart moves, Thames and brining Tejada back, but the talent on this team just doesn't stack up with some of the higher payroll teams.


    Key Additions - Ryan Howard, Jonny Gomes

    Key Departures - Daniel Hudson, Justin Upton, Kelly Johnson

    Wow, umm, that's about it


    The 6 Playoff Teams - Dodgers, Phillies, Cubs, Reds, Cardinals, Giants

    In the Hunt - Mets, Braves, Rockies

    The Future is bright - Braves, Astros, Pirates, Marlins

    Coming soon to a TKRO stadium near you

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    Bored and battling writer's block, so I'll do some quick and dirty PR's.

    AL East

    1. Me, obviously

    2. Red Sox

    I like: The OBP, the defense, Jon Lester

    I don't like: The impossibly short bench (seriously, one backup outfielder and one backup infielder, that should cost you votes), Ian Kennedy in the AL, Dice-K anywhere

    3. Yankees

    I like: Nick Swisher, the outfield defense, the bullpen kinda

    I don't like: Four lefties in the rotation, the age of the roster, Jeter leading off, Lilly in Yankee Stadium, whoever your fifth starter is before Johan gets back

    4. Blue Jays

    I like: The realistic approach, the rotation's potential, Yunel Escobar

    I don't like: Vernon Wells (not that you could have done anything about that)

    5. Orioles

    I like: Getting Julio Teheran for Adam "I don't know what a walk is" Jones, that you gave me Brian Matusz

    I don't like: The Luke Scott trade, Jordan Schafer, the Luke Scott trade again

    AL Central

    1. Detroit Tigers

    I like: Trading for Zimmerman and Choo, your infield defense outside of Renteria

    I don't like: Renteria, the back end of the rotation

    2. Minnesota Twins

    I like: Mauer and Morneau, Ubaldo out of Coors

    I don't like: Fausto Carmona, Freddy Sanchez in the 2-hole, Jason Kubel and Delmon Young in the field, J.C. Romero

    3. Chicago White Sox

    I like: The back end of the bullpen, the infield defense

    I don't like: The back end of the rotation, David Eckstein starting, Adam Lind in LF, hitting slowass V-Mart leadoff

    4. Kansas City Royals

    I like: The farm, the smart free agent signings, dumping Yuni, the Butler trade

    I don't like: Not giving Kila Ka'aihue his shot

    5. Cleveland Indians

    I like: The rebuilding effort, buying low on Co-Jack

    I don't like: Much of anything about your ML roster, that you didn't give me a chance to outbid the Tigers for Choo

    AL West

    1. Los Angeles Angels

    I like: The rotation, the offensive production, Rafael Soriano

    I don't like: The defense, burning down the farm system and pissing on the ashes, Kung Fu Fatass

    2. Texas Rangers

    I like: Cliff Lee, the middle of the order, the defense

    I don't like: The top of the order, leaving Feliz in the bullpen, trading top prospects for money to sign Juan ****ing Uribe

    3. Oakland Athletics

    I like: The job nyyfan did for the most part, how MD did absolutely nothing after taking over for him

    I don't like: That neither GM would give me Brett Anderson, Edwin Jackson

    4. Seattle Mariners

    I like: The rebuilding effort

    I don't like: That you took Hellickson from me

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