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    PSD OOTP Re-Boot

    I wanted to give some of you guys are still interested in the Re-boot. a update.. I have been working with TK on getting the reports uploaded..

    I wonder who out there still wants to play...

    What year should we start? .. I really like the 70's and 80's last time we started at 1973.. we can do that again or go a little later in time

    I do like smaller leagues.. with 30 teams its a challenge to keep all GMs so.. I think that we should stick with the max of 24 teams

    I like to do divisions.. but still do 4 teams per league making the playoffs.. I wonder if there is a way to do the divisions leaders and than the top 2 teams?

    Rules??? are we gonna keep the same rules we have now? steal TKRO rules? any suggestions?

    Thanks and I hope to get this going soon!!!
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    I am 100% excited for the new league!

    I am fine with Divisions that adds something extra with Division winners and such.

    I like the smaller format too, I would prefer anytime in the 70s to start, just not looking to go further back then that, but I will go with the flow.

    Rules? Please no player edits or points system.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

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    Hey, definitely interested. I'm open to starting in the 70's, I think that's really cool.

    As for rules, might as well keep them the same as they were.

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