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    Need advice on stretching

    Any of you have like do a stretching exercise. Basically I have had scoliosis a year ago, for those of you dont know what that is they put a metal rod in your back to keep your spine straight(I can bend but my hand get past me knees, Im 5'9),

    Anyway I had that but now I feel like all my muscle are very tight usually I stretch out every muscle I can at once like one big yawn after school when I get home while laying down.

    Now I usually lay down put my legs up against a wall and try to put my butt against the wall as close as I can while keeping my knees straight and hold it for 5 min;or sit put my back against the wall as close as possible while keeping my knees straight as much as possible for 5 min. They work Im just trying to find other things to do stretch out my muscles particularly my leg muscles, if any of guy have anything other suggestion please either PM or post in here thanks.

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    The ultimate upper body stretch is doing handstands. Not sure if you are able to do that. For legs, you can do splits, or planks.

    What I like to do at times is sit down with my legs stretched out in a "V" shape and then try and lower my upper body straight down in front while my arms are extended outward.
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    try yoga

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