Jaroslav, all I can say is from the bottom of my heart to the top, I miss you and always miss you for my entire life. I still can't believe what we did to you and for what they did I have completely lost faith in the entire organization. I only hope for the best for you, as I am and always will be a fan of your extrordinary carear. As for Price, thanks for losing our home opener to our biggest rivals and give me a break with the save he made at the last 2 minutes, it was shot directly at him with about 85% of the rest of the net open. I can only cringe and hide under a rock for so long, if we lose to Pittsburgh tonight its gonna be a long, long, loooooong season fellow Hab fans. If I don't recall, didn't Price let in 5-6 goals both games against the Pens last year? Should be a great game!