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    Habs goaltending

    I'm interested to see who else thinks playing Carey Price as much as the Habs are poses a potential problem down the road. Admittedly, they can't afford to fall too far back of the Bruins in a race for the divsional championship, but question Carey Price playing over 70 games if he'llbe too exhausted by the time the playoffs come around. Apart from last night's game against the Flames, Alex Auld has looked pretty good and I don't see any reason to have him start about 15 - 20 games so that Price is fresh for the playoffs.

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    Yeah it's a little strange. They should have given Auld some more starts early on. Now it's a little too late. Price is young enough though so it shouldn't hurt him too bad and they say he is in much better condition this year than any other so hopefully he can handle the work load.

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    I think it was Rob Kerr from the Fan960 in Calgary pointed out that the majority of teams that start their #1 Goaltender 70 times or more in the regular season typically don't make it passed the first round in the playoffs.

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    I agree that Price is playing alot of games but with not many games left and with the possition the habs are in they cant afford to play Auld that many games , he lets in alot of weak goals and after all Carey Price is having his best year yet

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